Wednesday, November 09, 2011


A good friend took notes for me as I was watching my two year old daughter.

President Mulgrew's report: People who hate us learned a lesson in Ohio with the voters overwhelmingly voting to repeal a law that was passed that took away collective bargaining rights from public sector workers. The UFT made 50,000 phone calls and there were 25 people on the ground helping out. The vote was almost two to one in favor of repealing the law that would take away collective bargaining rights. Mulgrew said there seems to be a mood shift in the country in our favor.

Turning back to New York, Mulgrew told us that there are all kinds of rallies going on and we have to be selective on which ones we support. There are three that were mentioned. One is for November 17 sponsored by SEIU. The next one is for December 1 where there is a permit to close Broadway between Herald Square and Union Square. The third will be on December 10 which will be against voter suppression laws.

Mulgrew then talked about the budget. He told the delegates that the schools cannot afford a fourth straight year of budget cuts. He said that over 950 schools returned surveys on the cuts we are currently facing and that was the strongest response ever from one of these surveys.

Mulgew thanked Staten Island people for helping to get Daniel Donovan elected as DA.

On the recent city pension changes, Mulgrew stated that there will be fewer people on the pension board. The UFT would support the new process but would adjust our thinking if things aren't working out.

Next up was the evaluation system where Mulgrew reported that the DOE realizes there may be a problem. The UFT was moving to have chapter leaders and principals train together at 52 Broadway on the Danielson evaluation system. He said that in Tennessee there were issues with Danielson because of meaningless paperwork that we don't want to replicate here. He also told delegates that they need to inform principals that teachers need not write new core curriculum standards.

NAEP (national test) results showed that New York was one of only two states to have a decrease in scores, probably because of New York City. Since the national test measures learning and test prep doesn't work, Mulgrew said that it demonstrated, as the UFT has been saying for years, that DOE needs to change direction. He then stated that we need to publicize the good work that is going on in many schools so that the public does not lose confidence in the schools.

The next topic was the arbitration on SESIS (special ed). Mulgrew said that we need to document problems for the first hearing on December 8.

On Absent Teacher Reserves, Mulgrew told us there are 1,140 ATRs presently but that there were more last year. Chapter leaders need a procedure to meet and greet ATR's.

Muglrew closed by going back to the budget and said that the biggest issue is how the schools cannot afford a fourth straight year of budget cuts. The UFT has already given up sabbaticals for a year and has the ATR agreement to save the city money. He said it can't just be us alone. He added that the government in DC is dysfunctional and he is not optimistic about the super-committee helping education.

Leroy Barr gave the staff directors' report saying that over 1,000 showed up for teacher union day. He also celebrated the November 7, 1960 strike, which was the first one the UFT called. He saluted people who were there.

Next up was the question period. A question was asked about ATRs in District 75 being sent all over the city as it is a citywide district. The answer from Mulgrew was that people should contact the UFT if there are abuses.

Then there was a question about excessive paperwork. The answer was that the DOE knows there is a problem.

The next question was about placing ATRs. The answer was that 212 have been placed.

A question from Marjorie Stamberg was about ATRs voting. The answer was that all members have a right to vote and that the Election Committee was examining the issue. (I didn't even know the Election Committee was active.)

The next question was about principals sending out emails on weekends. The answer was that the DOE can't compel us to read emails on the weekends; they can only request it during the work week.

Next up was the motion period. Megan Beherent from TJC raised a resolution for next month that the UFT mobilize its members to rally for:
1-no new hiring until all ATRs in a license are placed;
2-re-certifying people without loss of tenure in arcane licences
3-auditing DOE hiring for age and race discrimination
4-restoring contractual right to closest vacancy.

There was some discussion about what rights excessed teachers previously had but Secretary Michael Mendel spoke against this motion saying that the makers of the motion misinterpreted what is going on. He stated that in the past people were placed anywhere in the city and that is no longer the case; he also argued that to re-certify people without going through the legal process would be unprecedented. After his strong plea the resolution failed to get on next month's agenda.

Four resolutions on the regular agenda then passed and the meeting ended.

From this report I can tell you for sure that watching my daughter Kara was clearly the better way to spend the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I take it Mulgrew was talking about the Take Back the DoE protests.

What he doesn't understand is that he can't control the parents. And Mulgrew doesn't really care about what is happening to the students.

The responses to the ATRs were ridiculous. Why doesn't the DA see how he is not answering concerns?? Do they drink Kool Aid before coming in??

And the way he is trying to protect Danielson when he knows it's a horrible program is telling.

Anonymous said...

No one cares!

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify these excellent note, Mulgrew told teachers not to write curriculum based on the core standards. That is for curriculum writers to do.

Anonymous said...

Just to adde to these notes. Mulgrew asked the schools to inform the UFT if they are being asked to write curriculum. Evidence should be sent to

Anonymous said...

Like the union told us to report subs being used in long term positions and NOTHING IS DONE!!!! The question is WHY is this being is short changing the students and the ATRs....Oh I keep forgetting NO ONE cares..MY BAD!

bookworm said...

Unprecedented to certify people without going through the usual channels? Really? What about Teaching Fellows? TFAs? Leadersh** Academy Principals? And how many teachers with "arcane" licenses (like Reading, like every kid reads so well now? Lucie Calkins was that da** good?)are teaching out of license anyway? What a crock.

After Cathie Black, can they really talk about "proper certification" without risking a lightning strike?

Anonymous said...

Please check Susan Ohanian's research into the following very telling deep connections:
Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Danielson, Teachscape, and our own former UFT vice president, David Sherman, currently consultant to the president of the AFT, Ms. Randi Weingarten. David Sherman is ALSO on the board of Teachscape!

Surprised? They are one big monied family looping the noose that hangs us in the classrooms!

Anonymous said...

Wait wait!

I forgot!! The denouement:
This is why Mulgrew is defending Danielson tooth and nail. Because Randi Weingarten told him too. Because David Sherman told him too.

Because Randi wants to be Secretary of Education. She doesn't care what it takes to get herself more prestige and political power. She ain't no Roger Toussaint. She ain't even pretending to protect her members:

Mayoral Control!
Merit pay!
no grievance for letters to the file!
extended day!
Seniority transfer!

What have I forgotten?
Help me with this!!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice our ATR resolution was like the recent “in god we trust” house vote?

Mulgrew wants to take up as much time as possible to prevent any distractions.

Mendel in his manic speech against the other ATR resolution, challenged us to look at past contracts. Where are these past contracts Mr Mendel?