Monday, December 09, 2013


I look to Valerie Strauss for accurate information on the public schools.  Her Answer Sheet blog at the Washington Post is essential reading for anyone interested in saving public education.  Strauss weighed in this morning on the intrigue surrounding Mayor Elect Bill de Blasio's selection for the Chancellor's position.

According to The Answer Sheet, de Blasio's first choice for NYC Chancellor was Stanford professor and the head of President Barack Obama's education transition team: Linda Darling Hammond. However, she apparently turned him down.  I guess it is good news that Darling Hammond is de Blasio's preferred Chancellor.  However, some of the other names being thrown around in the press would be, as Reality Based Educator calls them, deal breakers.

The mayor elect stated yesterday that he has not yet made up his mind and is still looking at potential Chancellors.  Let's try to remain optimistic that a non deformer will be chosen as Chancellor and that de Blasio will keep his campaign promise to truly break from Mayor Michael Bloomberg's pro charter, anti-teacher, anti-student, anti-parent, anti--public education policies.

Reality Based Educator suggests we put pressure on de Blasio to pick a Chancellor who we can live with.  Go here to send a message to de Blasio's team. 


Anonymous said...

Hope it's Starr!!

Anonymous said...

Me too.

Anonymous said...

This is one piece of a larger picture. A critical and extremely detailed analysis of Bloomberg/Klein's education policies just went up on Diane Ravitch's blog