Wednesday, September 09, 2015


I read the piece Carol Burris wrote for the Washington Post Valerie Strauss Answer Sheet blog on the devastating impact of school closings.  She was inspired by the events in Chicago where advocates for Dyatt High School are engaging in a hunger strike to stop the closing. She also mentioned Jamaica High School and other urban schools.

Burris wrote this on the reasons for school closures:

Poor test scores and low graduation rates are the excuse for closures, but the reasons for academic failure that lie beyond the schoolhouse are never addressed.  Jitu Brown, a Dyett hunger striker and board member of the nonprofit advocacy group called Network for Public Education, summed up the frustration when he said, “We’re tired of our children and our communities being demonized and being blamed for being under-served.”

Can't argue with that.

Strauss in her Answer Sheet blog has the latest on the continuing protest.

The brave hunger strikers certainly have upped the ante on protesting school closings.  We never even contemplated such a protest when trying to save Jamaica High School.  Do you think Joel Klein and Michael Bloomberg would have listened or would we have been forced fed or left to die?