Sunday, June 24, 2018


There appears to be some good news coming out of New Jersey.

NJ Advance Media for

In an early and sudden move by incoming Newark Schools Superintendent Roger Leon, 31 employees -- including several high-ranking administrators -- were told Friday they would be fired if they didn't resign by next week, two sources with knowledge of the matter told NJ Advance Media.

The overhaul, first reported by Chalkbeat Newark, comes a week before Leon takes the helm as the district's first School Board-picked leader in 22 years. The state returned local control of the schools to the board earlier this year.

A school district spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Saturday. 
The shake-up appears to target employees associated with former state-appointed superintendents Cami Anderson and Christopher Cerf, often criticized for bringing in "outsiders" to run the district, and foreshadows Leon's likely departure from their vision.

A native Newarker, Leon has worked in the district for 25 years, as a principal and later as an assistant superintendent. He officially begins his tenure July 1.

Leonie Haimson at the Skinny Awards last Tuesday said that Richard Carranza was the best NYC Chancellor she's seen in twenty years and she was hopeful.

Chancellor Carranza could take a bold step by having a Newark style housecleaning at the Department of Education here in NYC. However, with Mayor Bill de Blasio still at the helm in a mayoral dictatorship over the schools, I'll believe there will be real change when I see it.


Michael Fiorillo said...

Yes, it's long past due to clean out those highly-credentialed, arrogant know-nothings who make up the administrative and legal ranks ranks at Tweed.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mariachi isn’t going to do a thing. Same old chancellor - a Mexican Klein.

Anonymous said...

We need that housecleaning at the UFT too.

Anonymous said...

Give him a chance please be for the insults start.

Anonymous said...

We desperately need house cleaning and swamp draining at the De Blasio enterprise.

Anonymous said...

He's already said the stupid things he wants to do. No action on anything Farina doesn't give the green light too. He insults us all with the status quo.

Anonymous said...

Why dosnt anyone know what percentage of a dollar spent on education actually makes it to the classroom? Seems like a pretty important question, yet it's a total mystery.
And a total disgrace that no one knows.

My guess is it's just 40%

Anonymous said...

Off topic? maybe. But gangs recruiting inside NYC public schools, where we work, needs to be dealt with. And this isnt a racial or background problem? "Like their fiercest rivals, a crew called Dominicans Don’t Play, the Trinitarios recruit heavily in the hardscrabble hallways of city public high schools, and maintain a young membership, averaging in the teens or early 20s, police sources said."

Anonymous said...

Agree with 701. This is pretty dangerous if it is documented that gangs are in NYC schools, and recruiting, not that we didn't know this before, but this clear cut..What is being done? Am I racist because I want gangs out?