Monday, September 16, 2019


You can't make this stuff up. The NY Post is exposing DOE waste with alarming regularity.

An excerpt:
The city Education Department shelled out taxpayer money for scores of GPS units clearly unrelated to DOE vehicles — including one off the coast of Africa and about 30 in California, a scathing new report shows.

The global glitch is just the tip of the iceberg of massive, multimillion-dollar issues with the DOE’s school-bus tracking system, according to the city’s Special Commissioner of Investigation.

A SCI report released Monday asserts that the GPS company Navman “billed the DOE for duplicate license plate numbers, vehicle identification numbers (“VIN), serial numbers, and instances where devices sat in parking lots and other non-DOE locations such as California and off the coast of Africa.”

DOE worker noted the Africa snafu in a Sept. 9, 2015, e-mail to a department employee who was supposed to be helping manage the system.

“We seem to have a bus off the coast of Africa,’’ the underling quipped — adding a smiley face to his note.

Another e-mail in July 2018 from a DOE employee to a deputy finance director added, “We’re seeing about 30 GPS units that have been in [California] at TTNM [Teletrac Navman]’s office for more than a year that are showing up on our monthly invoices.”

When will the state finally conclude that Mayoral control does not work? We need accountability and integrity.


Anonymous said...

The waste is incredible. The DOE won’t stop anything, including open vaping, because their new discipline code disallows it. Forget the fact that open drug use, bullying, weapons, and assaults are common place. Education isn’t happening; teachers, admins and stats are openly lying and the public schools are complete jokes. The DOE response to everything is to target chocolate milk. The UFT is a non-entity on everything that occurs - it is a dried dog turd on the steps of every public school. This will all eventually lead to a charter school explosion.

ed notes online said...

Of course the NY Post, a propaganda machine for Trump and every anti-union cause, will expose waste in the DOE. Did you find anything about the outrageous wastes in the Trump admin? These articles have a political purpose beyond news. They are selective and biased. Of course there is waste - lots of it in the DOE. But the NY Post will support mayoral control up the kazoo in contrast to the alternatives. Remember how they were cheerleadersf or BloomKlein.

James Eterno said...

By not fighting against the waste and corruption, the UFT is playing into the privatizers' hands. Everything we hear shows that a major part of the system is out of control. Truth has a way of coming out. As the UFT does more and more head in the sand happy talk, they lose more and more credibility with members, parents and public and we will not be listened to when eventually system will undergo yet another overhaul.

James Eterno said...

NPR, not UFT, is publicizing lead problem in schools that may morph into something akin to the public housing situation. UFT should get out front on this too. We are not.

Anon2323 said...

Are you serious? The New York Times once a distinguished paper is trash! All liberal propaganda. They had to change a story when it made Trump look too good and lets not forget the terrible retractions they had to make. Purely pathetic.

Propaganda we can look at CNN, msnbc etc etc. 2 1/2 years of russia crap, brainwashing and dividing our country. Nobody every blames Obama/Biden administration for Russia's interference when they were in office and Obama was clueless in 2012 when Romney said the biggest threat at time was Russia and he laughed.

I respect these articles and what Susan Edelman is doing to expose truth in the DOE and who cares if its from the post, if it came from the NYT you would be relishing in it I am sure.

James Eterno said...

I agree that I don't care where the exposure of DOE corruption comes from but ideally it should come from UFT. Times has been pretty lousy on schools except for when Mike Winerip wrote a school column. He got it.

Anonymous said...

NYC and the DOE waste taxpayer money on the Mayor, the Chancellor, Carranza's lady minions with fancy titles (with a couple of beta males thrown in there as tokens), executive superintendents, superintendents, at least 50% of school administrators, and offices for this and that. I have no idea what these people and these offices do to improve education in NYC.

These people, from the Mayor on down to school administrators, have a cavalier, nonchalant attitude toward the theft and waste of $25,000,000,000+ yearly from taxpayers. Why would anyone expect them to care about wasting millions on GPS units?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, mulgrew is in city hall’s back pocket. It should be the other way around. City hall should be in the union’s back pocket.