Sunday, September 18, 2022


On Facebook CROC put a link to contact your City Council Member to protect our healthcare. 

Click on the link for each member and you can find their phone number.

When you find your Council Member's contact information, plesase take the time to make a phone call and/or email to urge your local Council Member to oppose the change to Administrative Code 12-126 that will give the city and Municipal Labor Committee leeway to weaken city government employee and retiree healthcare. This includes UFTers. If you reside outside of NYC, use your school's address to locate your Council Member. 

Retirees don't want privatized Medicare Advantage (Mulgrewcare). Active workers and retirees must oppose any healthcare givebacks. Right now UFTers are contractually entitled to a choice of premium free healthcare plans. Let's keep it that way.

Everyone has an assignment to contact their Council Member. We need to get active.


  1. Thank you. I've sent an email to my representative and shared it with friends and family.

  2. Thank you James for providing the information. Even though I no longer live in NYC, I just emailed the City Council member for the district in which I lived and worked for many years. This issue is too important to ignore. What is at stake does not only affect retirees on Medicare. The healthcare coverage for non-Medicare eligible retirees and for in-service members is very much at risk as well. Our current union leadership is failing us badly. Unfortunately, too many teachers just bury their heads in the sand and cross their fingers that things will be okay!

  3. Thank you for the info and will pass it along. Hopefully members will not be complacent and will contact their local reps.
    Once again, it will interesting to see how Mulgrew spins this Medicare Advantage healthcare issue at Tuesday’s RTC meeting. Expect him to say once again say this is best healthcare on the planet. He will also say don’t listen to others that put this plan down as they are just giving you falsehoods. Mulgrew is just steamrolling his own members along with the other large unions.

  4. Thank you for your support CROC. Mulgrew is a crock and crook of the UFT for not listening to his own members.

  5. It is stunning the degree to which Mulgrew is lying about the Medicare Advantage Plan.

    I do not understand how the UFT Unity caucus lets him get away with this deceit and corruption. Mulgrew reminds me of Donald Trump. The UFT Unity caucus reminds me of the Republicans who validate Donald Trumps' lies.

    I blame this corruption on the UFT caucus members who support Mulgrew.

  6. I just watched this video done by the NYC Organization of Public Service retirees. They are the group that won the lawsuit initially to stop the city and unions from going ahead with the Medicare Advantage plan that was proposed. I think the video is a good explanation of NYC Administrative Code 12-126 that the mayor and some MLC unions want to amend and why doing so would screw retirees and in-service people. Check it out for yourselves.

  7. Mulgrew is counting on the ignorance and apathy of retirees and active
    UFT members. This ignorance and apathy is very large.

    With the ignorance and apathy of UFT retirees and active members, Mulgrew's corruption and deceitfulness thrives.

  8. The city should cap part d drug costs at $2000 until the federal cap goes into effect on Jan 1 2025

  9. Tell the council that you pay dues to get nowhere in negotiations.

    From 1996 to 2021, inflation-adjusted average weekly wages for teachers increased by $29, from $1,319 to $1,348 (in 2021 dollars), while those for other college graduates grew $445, from $1,564 to $2,009.

  10. OMG @ 5:39 UNHINGED MUCH? WHAT LIES? Like the new york times and all media lying and hiding hunter biden crimes. Ot republicans being censored left and right?

    Mulgrew reminds me of a slimy fake politician who can be either dem or republiczn, only difference is you have 1/4 of a brain if you are a defund the police left wing idiot.

  11. 8:31 always with the insults. If it's not one group it's another. The ignorance and apathy is very large, but not you, right? Only everybody else. Lol. Yeah, right.

  12. How many UFT retirees are in the same situation as Jackie. We need a $2000 drug cap now

  13. Curious. What Trump lies affect our contract negotiations with democrats? Name a politician that doesn’t lie. Which politicians have hurt NY teachers the most? I say Bush, Obama, Cuomo. Cuomo took Obama’s RttT and made us miserable with it. Bush got that ball rolling with NCLB.

  14. I was listening to Mike Mulgrew at the retiree town hall today and I thought I heard him say that we have a deal with the City Council?

    1. Yeah, a corrupt deal to sell out every retiree. He was very clear at the retiree meeting this week when people asked questions. "I am not changing my stance." He chooses to ignore that 65,000 retirees opted out of the original forced crap MAP plan. Get yourself lined up with CROC, RetireeAdvocateUFT caucus, NY contribute), and follow everything from the PSC. They were wise to the MLC corruption and came out early about MM collusion that drained the stabilization fund since Randi had him crowned "king" of UFT. To all the UFT members too lazy to mail a ballot and get rid of him, may you rot in hell!

  15. Why can't the city self insure its own Medicare Advantage and part d drug plan to be run jointly by the City and MLC?


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