Monday, September 19, 2022


I got in during Mulgrew's Report. For a full report on the open mic, go to New Action for Nick Bacon's report. Michael Mulgrew reported that most unions are without a contract and the general feeling among the Municipal Labor Committee is that the state of relations between the unions and the city is not very good. Negotiating Committee will soon be meeting. 

MOSL people have to make the right choices. There are schools made choices that were not in their interest. CL's have to be involved. 

Funding: Fair Student Funding is not really fair. We don't do hiring in the Department of Sanitation based on salaries. They hire the people they need. We are back to talking to Bloomberg people. Will testify before the City Council on this. FSF has led to much more special ed non-compliance. We are back to the standardized test crowd. Chancellor says the formula is not right.

Questions on Mulgrew Report:

Mike Schirtzer asks if we will address children and bussing. Are we going to jump in because of DOE incompetence?

Leroy Barr: We will address issue.

Mulgrew: DOE trying to put their hands on everything. Quite concerned on fixation on a management system as opposed to reality.

Question on APPR and MOSL. MOSL opens on October 7. Will members have enough time to make those decisions?

Mulgrew Answer: We have to push the DOE on this. There were schools where every teacher was Highly Effective or Effective on MOTP but are getting Developing because of MOSLS. Citywide chapter Leader forum on MOSL. CL's who want to bring MOSL committee people with them is fine.

Alex from high school asks who makes fair student funding decisions.

Mulgrew Anwer: It is the mayor. It is not a subject of collective bargaining. Bloomberg wanted to treat every school as a separate store like a franchise. DOE should pay out of their budget for basic things a school needs and school budgets should only be about extras. We had a committee under de Blasio. They had recommendations. New administration has a new committee. We will take action against it if it is going the wrong way. Other city agencies don't measure experience factor when figuring out local budgets.

Nick Bacon-APPR consequences from last year law was passed that we could waive APPR. We signed off but city said no. Last year, we hadn't had testing for so long. Kids not ready when they came back. What can we do about teachers who were rated unfairly? Teachers with TIPs can get micromanaged. What is the UFT going to do with teachers who have consequences?

Mulgrew Anwer: We already have a system set up and we are going back at them. State gave right to waive APPR for two years but NYC wouldn't do it. Percent of people rated low is around .5%. System is set up. Members reaching out to us. 

Approval of Minutes:

Lydia Howrilka asks about election complaints. Why was the last meeting adjourned without a vote on the complaints? We ruled on that previously and they were voted on them. If you disagree, move to the American Federation of Teachers. Lawyer Beth Norton says those complaints have already been moved onto the AFT.

Minutes approved.

Staff Director's Report

Leroy Barr reports on Making Strides walk, negotiating committee, next Exec Bd and DA.

Question Period

Question: ENL coordinator, how is ENL testing going citywide? Uvalde, principal wants to know rooms where locks aren't working. Is there anything on that?

Leroy Barr answer: Jeff P will reach out to you. We will get back to you on ESL testing.

Mike Schirtzer: With storm situation in Puerto Rico and DR, is disaster relief already helping?

Barr Answer: AFT is having conversations on that. Power is out but Puerto Rico is near and dear to the AFT's heart. We will keep you posted on that. 

Karen Aford adds that we have gotten communication but we are already in conversations about helping out.

Question: In one of the 50 schools with messed up MOSLS, people getting formal and two informals. Why are we getting 3 or two observations?

Mary Vaccaro nswer: Put in a complaint. 168 have come in so far. Email we will get specifics about your school.

Ilona: Substitute teachers, can long term subs get on contract negotiating committee?

Answer: Yes

New teacher week rate of just over 51 dollars. How did we agree on that?

Mike Sill answer: This is is the training rate which has been in the contract for many years.  Negotiating committee can look at that for the next round of bargaining. 

Question: Early childcare workers, can they get a letter about covering transportation?

Mike Sill answer: Met with early childcare workers after the meeting and then we met with supervisors who gave their vision. We got a draft of a new proposal. We can't stop DOE from reshuffling central offices. DOE wants people to reapply for new positions. Responsibilities are similar to old positions. DOE looking like they are just trying to reduce people in these positions but the need is the same. DOE giving additional postings. People will either end up in similar position or in other opportunities. We are waiting to find out what other opportunities are. People are not in excess right now. They are still employed in that office. They could become excessed. We are looking over posting. Email campaign going. DOE, can we rescind letter? They are not being excessed right now. If they don't want to reapply, they can go back to old DOE positions in districts.

Ibeth Mejia: Grievance for sixth class. Thanks David Campbell and his team and Janella Hinds for testifying. When will UFT publicizes this so others schools can get involved? When will et al people who filed get paid? How will other teachers know?

Leroy Barr: We put it in Chapter Leader Update

David Campbell. You did a good job getting other people to grieve. DOE being who they are, we are going to have to put other people on grievance calendar as this will come up in October. Shortage rate for shortage area and non-shortage area needs to get special per session pay. This was a strong decision so going forward nobody should have this problem of getting coverage pay instead of shortage area. Principal doesn't have discretion to offer the class, they have to give the special per session rate.

Ibeth: What about schools that have non-traditional schedules?

Campbell: It is pro rated pay.

Edward Calamia: With all the federal money coming in, programs for latch key kids to come in early? What does Union object to in administrative code 121266?

Leroy Barr: It is important for latch key kids to have something.

Jeff Sorkin: Judge overstepped his bounds by ruling we couldn't get Medicare Advantage.  We want to preserve choices.

Lydia Howrilka: How can we fight to get our members in the budget fight?

Leroy Barr: We have been involved throughout the summer.

Mary Vaccaro: Fair Student Funding meetings have not gone well. You can see it on the Info Hub. We have spoken; meetings only exactly 1.5 hours. We will have borough meetings and we will figure out how to get our voices heard. 

Ronnie Almonte: What is in place to organize new members? Some hired on Bard line while others are on DOE line? Some schools have a long tradition of ora=ganizing. What can we do to organize unorganized?

District 30 Rep answer: Says we have organzing work done in her district. Can be for 1,2  or three year people. 

Janella Hinds: Agreement in Bard and other early colleges. Some CUNY PSC; some UFT. Particular realities at schools with different structures. UFT and PSC members have different realities. 

Alex: Smaller class sizes, committee formed last year. What are we doing to pressure Adams to honor that agreement?

Leroy Barr Answer: Pressure is the law. Thanks everyone who did the actions to get us where we are. We must make sure the city follows the law. Making sure 20% that get served first are for black and brown people.

Reports from Districts

Tom Murphy, tough week for retirees. We lost several people in the last week. Florence Fidell, original para organizer. Moved to Florida and organized ther. We lost Mona Davidson who organized Florida office. Town Hall with retirees will touch on issue of retirees' healthcare. Involved with Campaign 2022 on Senate. In touch with Amazon workers who won the union election on Staten Island. Trying to help. Inflation Reduction Act, monumental piece of legislation: drug companies can't raise rates beyond inflation rate; $2,000 annual cap for drugs, negotiations for highest price drugs, adult vaccines free and Affordable Care Act expanded.

Not sure the district: South Brooklyn school will be renamed after a principal.

Italian American Heritage person: Bocci tournament raised $1,400 for UFT Disaster Relief Fund.

Exec Bd At Large Person. Mural for K295 and 443 is now entrance.

D21: Schools raised thousands of dollars for Making Strides.

Servia Silva: D4 will be doing something for Hispanic Heritage Month. Flyers should be up.UFT members will be shaking it.

Mike Sill: DOE mishandled medical accommodation process. We brought this up last week. DOE moving on this. Getting accommodations.

Rashad Brown: LGBTQ history month, happy hour at place where movement began Stonewall inn.

David KL Retiree workshops coming up.

Lamar Hughes: Good start in D25. In PS 244 story. Pre k teacher made puppets out of people in the school community to teach children various tasks. d25 and D26 new members meet.

Janella Hinds: Care in time  for people with dimentia. March Oct 23.

Special Orders of Business

Mary Vaccaro on teacher center courses. Workshops on learning apple. Gooogle giving workshops too. CTLE courses going. Teacher Center sites can help for things like lamenating.

Resolution on Mobilzing for a Contract fight:

Nick Bacon asks for an Action Committee. Mulgrew said it's not looking good. We are without a contract. In the past, we've had Action Committees like in 2004. When we haven't had a contract in the past, we have had these committees.

Amy Arundell: Speaks against resolution and says we have an action committee called the negotiating committee. Action is part of their responsibility. Not against in theory, it isn't necessary.

Mike Sill follows Amy and says we have a negotiating committee. Why take authority of negotiating committee and give it to us. We are smaller in number. Mobilization is going to be needed as part of contract fight. 

Rashaad Brown: It excludes people. 

Carl Cambira: Things have changed since 2004. 

Mike Schirtzer: Can do both. Negotatiating Committee and Action Committee can also do actions to get things started.

Alex: This isn't an either or thing. Good for us to have an action committee that works in tandem with the negotiating committee. It can happen here and in the negotiating committee.

Ilona: This is not an either or but an and. More folks involved, better chance for us to get a contract. Negotiating committee off to a slow start. We need people to meet here to talk about things that aren't fleshed out at the negotiating committee.

Elementary school person: people not involved flocking to get to negotiating committee. It needs the chance to do what it was put in place to do. It indirectly undercuts what negotiating committee does.

\Question is called. 

Point of information on debate not being balanced.  Leroy said Robert's Rules doesn't call for one speaker for and one speaker against but does call for one other speaker for.

Ed Calamia: Action committee could keep members activated even when there is a contract settled. It is an independent committee needed.

Melanie: Point of order on speech not being in keeping with resolution. Leroy says it's not in order.

Nick Bacon: We could amend.

Vote to call question passes easily.

Vote on resolution: A few yes,overwhelming majority- No to forming action committee.


  1. Thank God we have a mayor that was once in a municipal union. Those Republicans are looking better everyday. Inflation, energy costs, interest rates, the border etc.
    hope this gets through the 1984 free speech board of self appointed censors. God bless James. You do stick to your beliefs. Maybe it’s time to learn a new trick.

    1. How about answering yesterday's challenge, 8:12? You need to come up with a response to this?

      Challenge: Tell me a time in the modern era when public sector teacher unions did better under Republican rule. Be specific please.

      If you want to talk about the Red State revolts, it took strikes go get anywhere.

    2. I did but you censored it. Spending 10’s of
      Billions on illegals, spending maybe a trillion on student loans forgiveness, spending trillions on the green new feel or is it deal or is it scam could have paid for a lot of things for municipal union workers. Both parties are not our friend .
      Republicans are not our friends but they have a better upside than the dems. I have more but need to get my kids ready for school. God bless

    3. When have municipal unions done better under Republican rule? I am still waiting. Tell me all you want about how Democrats suck and Republicans would spend more wisely but when did Republicans do better for government worker unions, particularly teacher unions? If you can't answer that, then let's move on.

    4. When have dems done better than the republicans? I’ll wait
      It’s been 30 plus years
      This Democratic Party is not your Democratic Party
      They have radically changed
      When are u guys going to realize that?
      They care more about transgender rights and illegals than hard working union members
      They care more about virtue signally than kitchen table economics.
      Inflation. Inflation Inflation
      The dems take your vote for granted because you guys think this Democratic Party is the party of fdr and lbj. It’s not it!

    5. When have we done well under a dem?

    6. That’s all you got wfs. You already know the dems are fooling you but you have invested your entire life defending them. Why stop now. Good luck I hear the vino calling. God bless. Love making the dems rethink their life long live affair with the dems. They really believe they are on your side. Oh I’m 7:12 also
      Mortgage rates?
      401k’s ?
      Sanctuary cities? This is the most ironic. Even the nyc mayor who checks the boxes liberals love and once belonged to a Municipal union hates unions. I have more, stay tuned wfs! You are the best

    7. I can't. You still have the ability to crack me up. However, there's still James' question waiting for you to answer. Or are you still "getting the kids ready for school"

  2. We are going to do better under politicians whose stated goal is to break our unions. I don't think so.

    1. Lol. We broke ourselves. See Mulgrew putting shit contracts in front of us and those all passing via landslides. See grade fraud. See passing no shows. See voting for people who have given us those bad contracts and those who have given us record breaking inflation, breaking our wallets.

    2. With the mail-in-ballots Mildew can pass any contract. Especially if he has dead members voting. Who checked the uft voter rolls?

  3. When? When has the UFT ever tried to negotiate backing a Republican before an election? Different strategy. The strategy of blue no matter who is a failure. We have no data on negotiating support for a republican before an election because it’s never been tried. Could have tried it with Sliwa but the UFT will never turn their back on the democrat party. UFT leadership works for them not us. When was the last time nyc teachers weren’t shit on by a democrat mayor and more importantly when will it stop? It’s not stopping with Adams. Maybe next time, right? Insanity is what your strategy is. Same results over and over and over again. What would Sliwa have offered us if presented with the opportunity for UFT support prior to election? We will never know because the UFT is loyal to the democrat party instead of its members. They will never ask the question. Sliwa was interested in making a name for himself over crime. Maybe he would have made us a better offer than Adams if we negotiated support early enough. The members deserved the question being asked of him. Instead we got the same old blue no matter who bullshit. And you’ll rinse and repeat and nothing will ever change because we have no fucking leverage.

  4. I have an answer. Almost 5 million illegals in the last 18 months, who are now costing us $500 per night in nyc hotel costs, flooding school systems, being given medical, food, etc. How about drugs coming in which are killing our children.

    Now, we are being told there is no money for a contract. So yes, the Dems in power are showing how worthless they are and how they’ve hurt us.

    1. That is not an answer to the challenge. I asked when we have done better under Republican rule? I get it, many Democrats are awful and their policies can have terrible outcomes for us. But where is the modern Republican administration (state, city or federal) where public school teachers and unions are not facing hostility? If the legislative and executive branches are controlled by Republicans, we are basically done. See Wisconsin.

      Please don't quote the consumer price index or immigration policy. It has zero to do with this argument.

    2. Lol. Are you msnbc? Inflation at 10% doesn’t hurt middle class teachers and paras?

  5. Why do we keep getting all these deficit letters from TRS?! Something fishy going on.

  6. The holy, really rich liberal Dems couldn’t deal with 50 immigrants and deported them within 1 day to a military base, while ignoring the other 5 million which didn’t come near them. Please stop.

  7. James,

    With a cop in your family, did Dems help unions or our safety by defunding and demonizing the police? Why has crime skyrocketed?

  8. How about under politicians who release violent repeat felons? Are teachers and students better off?

  9. I have criticized and opposed what I call corporate Democrats many times. The zRepubl8cans are not a viable alternative in 2022.

  10. You like your TDA down 30%?

    You like the coverup on cable news acting like nothing bad is happening?

    You like the fact that many of your readers have no idea that 5 million have crossed illegally because msnbc and cnn has blacked it out? But the border is secure and closed?

    You like people out of jail after 5 minutes on some very violent charges...Who have been arrested 87 other times? Is that safe for a public transportation system that staff and students use?

    Just be fair, that's all I ask.

  11. I am not saying blue no matter who. Please respond to the argument that the Republicans are not a viable alternative for public sector unions.
    Please refute that argument or move on.

  12. You were given union failures and the most horrible contracts under dem mayors, governors, senators, presidents and a dem uft and doe. You were also given things that hurt or kill staff and students...inflation, crime, drugs, illegals...Sounds like you are blue no matter what.

  13. Never voted for Cuomo. Didn't vote for deBlasio in 2017, etc. You don't know what you are talking about.

  14. Last call. Answer my challenge or stop wasting your time and mine.

    1. Not wasting my time. Enjoy trying to get you to admit the dems suck in everything they do
      Best theatre in town thanks

    2. James question will stay unanswered. But the cult like following of Republicans--that sh^t will continue. Insanity.

  15. Dems suck, Republicans suck more. Democrats want us to beg for crumbs. Republicans want to kill us.

    Mitch McConnell on possible railroad strike last week.

    Republicans are heading to the floor with a bill to prevent a railway strike that would create total chaos. It would give workers the package that most of the unions have already approved.

    President Biden should have already resolved this himself. Democrats must let this pass.

    Thank God they didn't. Thanks Bernie A response to McConnell

    Your bill provide 0 sick days, less time off, limits to health insurance, limited long haul to 1 conductor, Nothing but a rehash of what corporate railroads wanted, and offered months ago. Don't worry Biden and Dema stayed late a got A temp fix while the new contract is voted on

  16. My response to waiting for support?
    I don’t see it?
    My post about ny states tax base leaving by the hundreds everyday?
    Losing all these people will and is worrying the local governments. They see the writing in the wall. Florida, South Carolina and Texas have seen their tax base increase dramatically.
    If you were local municipal govt would you give your union workers great raises or better health care when you know you are losing your tax base at an astonishing numbers. It’s not good economics.
    Like I said who is going to replace the taxes I pay to New York State?
    Who’s going to replace my wife’s?
    My friends who are all retired cops, teachers , firefighters and mta.

    1. The people who replace you in your union job who will pay higher taxes when you retire to your low tax haven. They, not you, keep tax base going. Having better paying jobs is good for a region's economy.

  17. Biden said pandemic is over and he is building Trump's wall. Give him a break guys. The Intercept.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed that work on the border wall that began under Trump is revving back up under Biden. In an online presentation Wednesday, CBP — the largest division of the Department of Homeland Security and home to the Border Patrol — detailed plans to address environmental damage brought on by the former president’s signature campaign promise and confirmed that the wall will remain a permanent fixture of the Southwest for generations to come.

  18. No answer to the challenge question I posed.

    I think we can safely conclude there are no Republican controlled governments in 2022 that are public sector, particularly teacher union friendly.

    Please go back to the Executive Board report and stop complaining about censorship.

    I asked a challenge question. Nobody has provided an even close answer.

    The debate is over!

  19. James and WFS I’ll elaborate on my original post at 8:50am. We have not done better. But we’ve never said we’re up to hearing what they have to offer us if we support them. Which is why I advocate for trying something different. You’re rejecting a strategy that has never been tried. I’m rejecting a strategy that has been tried over and over again that has failed over and over again. I said this in another post. We have nothing to lose by courting a ny republican immediately after the republican primary. If we don’t like his or her terms we don’t back them. Automatically rejecting a ny republican gets us where we are….nowhere. If Lee Zeldin promised us raises that met inflation and no changes to our healthcare, UFT leadership would still reject him because they don’t work for us the work for the democrat party. Until the democrats know we’re willing to negotiate with a republican, their treatment of us will only get worse. We have nothing to lose by “dating” ny republicans. We don’t have to “marry” them if their terms are unacceptable. We have no idea what deal Sliwa and Zeldin would have made because it’s not in the democrat party’s interest for Mulgrew to ask.

    1. So you're saying that the Republicans past history has proven that they aren't much better than dems. Ok. Got that part. Now I personally haven't proclaimed dems are better. My point is that every time a differing point is made, Republicans on this board talk about how bad dem cities, people, ideas are. Why would I want to be associated with a party who's members wave confederate flags, yell out derogatory words and take issue with teaching the complete US history? If you knew US history you would know that african Americans were predominantly Republicans. Until. I will leave it at that--Until. Now if you care to find out when "until" happened, do your research.

  20. Sorry on a separate note. High School parent teacher conferences are next week. Are these virtual? Does anyone know. I read that they are virtual but seems to be confusion.

  21. I temporarily logged on to the UFT conference. Mulgrew spewed the same lies. I hung up. I will email Mulgrew and tell him that I think he is an unethical, backstabbing liar who is trying to screw retirees to replenish the stabilization fund the UFT/City raided to pay for teacher raises.

    This is how the uft helps.

    Half of the APs in my school have covid, and we suspect our new principal does too. I've put my mask back on full time. We already have a teacher and student with it. And there's no system really for following the uft guidelines about masks after exposure. It's a free for all I'm praying I don't get it again bc I've had two school exposures already.

    1. He doesn’t care
      Keep paying your dues
      Enough said

  22. There is no solution to the NYC DOE mess as we currently have it. It seems to me that democrats think that throwing money is the answer to everything and republicans think the teachers are to blame for everything. Both parties are wrong. Both parties have been a disaster for the NYC schools.

    If public education in NYC was really the goal, we would have academic and behavior standards and expectations. We don't have any standards. Incompetent leadership, manipulated data, every student passes, violence in and out of school, standards are racist, discipline is racist, reparations instead of qualifications, equal outcomes for everyone regardless of work and effort, etc. The idiotic list goes on and on.

    The NYC DOE will only improve when the politicians and the taxpayers decide to make education a priority. Don't hold your breath.

  23. Debate is closed means debate is closed. You didn't answer the challenge. Stop wasting your time and mine.

  24. Back on topic please which is last night's exec bd report.

  25. There have been about two dozen or so comments on the Republicans, Democrats, vaccine mandates and something else that aren't going to see publication. If I say to please go back to the Exec Bd Report topic as the debate is over on my challenge question, I mean it.

  26. Calling me racial slurs isn't going to get comments published either.

    As I said on a previous post, why are some of you obsessed with taking over this comment board? We are a dissident UFT blog. I am not all that important.

    Can somebody please comment on the Exec Bd?

  27. The last part was a little confusing. So they voted against an action committee?

  28. The only way the DOE gets better is when they are really short teachers and staff. They don't realize all this crap is driving teachers away and deterring teachers from joining the DOE.
    When they have no teachers left, they will be sorry.

  29. That is correct. Unity voted down an action committee. Said it is job of negotiating committee.

  30. Oh, okay. If this is true then will there be updates on what kind of action they will be taking? How is it they are allowed to stall like this? I’m extremely excited for the smaller classes. It’s going to be helpful for the students to receive more attention to assist in critical thinking skills. I’m curious how they will pressure into it. Laws are bent or broken all the time.

  31. I don’t think anyone can defend the Democrats or the Republicans. I haven’t read this blog on while it seems like it’s issues are at least 15 years old with the same fear student funding and lies from the Uft concerning them fighting it. Also seems like Bloomberg is still the mayor and still controlling everything, especially Mulgrew. It will be the same thing as usual overcrowded classes, very little learning, tremendous safety issues and constant cries of poverty while the DOE bureaucracy grows and grows. Who got the mariachi chancellors opulent Alhambra office? James is the man of LaMantia fighting the same old windmills. Cheers.

  32. Somebody needs to ask them Mulgrew why he isn’t fighting for Medicare for all. He’s supposed to be a union leader, not a capitalist pig who’s looking to fatten the salaries of people who make their money on the backs of bankrupting terminally ill people.

  33. Social Security recipients received a 5.9% inflation based COLA for 2022 and even with a slight drop in inflation are projected to receive 8.7% for 2023. NYC, all the five boroughs, are completely unlivable as a teacher, you can survive, but you certainly cannot thrive or make any for of a decent life! It is a rush to the bottom and a destruction of the middle class lifestyle for teachers in NYC.

    More than anything there is a level of disrespect in the way we are treated by every level of government and administration! If I did not have 20+ years in I certainly would not stay.

  34. How quickly the term "essential workers" isn't used anymore w by union leadership and politicians when referring to municipal employees.

  35. Mulgrew won the election by a lot. He can do whatever he wants. He's supported by the majority of teachers. Some of us may not like it but that's the reality.


    1. What is it? Can you offer a few words of description? Out of sheer respect for everyone's time.

  37. where are the excessed the teachers? Are they assigned or acting like ATRs? Im coming back from maternity leave and I dont know what will happen to me only 5 years experience

  38. So, what ate the names of the 3 (three) uft activists who, sadly, recently passed away? Normally, ppl are honored by mentioning their names, contributions, ages, causes of death. Why does the uft (and you here) do not give even this little bit of honor to those people, like they are not worth mentioning?

  39. Sadly, I didn't catch the names as it went so fast. Sorry.

  40. The UFT leadership had no use for dead activists unless it fits their narrative like “republicans murdered them”… No wonder James’ could barely hear their names.

  41. Weed in the pocket of a student. Principal says we can’t do anything. “Education”. What a sham and embarrassment this job has become.

  42. I couldn't hear the names as they say them quickly and I have no idea how to spell them. Sorry, no disrespect at all toward any union activist who has passed.

  43. here I am on my second year with DOE and searching for another job.. I worked charter for 5 years before going into the DOE..
    The unprofessionalism of the leadership or administrative staff is toxic… many need psychology courses to learn how to deal with people and behaviors. A system full of structured chaos.
    I’m wondering how people have dealt with this for sooo long… the chapter leader and the principal are in cahoots with each other… the system is failing both staff and students….
    Such a sad space…

  44. FYI… didn’t accuse you of not caring James. UFT leadership.

  45. My administration started observations already.

  46. Welcome to the ice uft therapy blog. Brought to you by years of paying our union dues.

    1. @652 pm. Human kindness and decency should always be welcome. @653pm is correct. Sending an email is very important. Send to both the DOE and UFT involved. Tape your convo when you tell the "coach" using your cellphone. Sounds like the coach needs a coach or a different career. Stay strong and just keep reminding yourself that you earned your degree.

  47. To 9:55—Although I do not know the specifics of your school or administration, you need to be your own advocate. Let your union rep or district rep know what is happening. You may want to consider sending this coach an email explaining that professionally speaking, if they wish to discuss anything about your teaching or the lessons, this should not be done in front of the students and you can schedule another time to have the discussion. Consider cc-ing the union rep on the email, too. Good luck.

  48. Explain to principal and union rep and anyone you trust who is reasonably intelligent there the lack of professionalism and inappropriate behavior of the coach. Press for a productive collaboration, show willingness to work with someone but unwillingness and duty to call out the harassment, unprofessionalism and spectacle before students. Implicit is the threat to escalate beyond principal. Leave it to their collective imagination.

  49. Lol. But we must pay dues because it would be worse. Or it could be worse.

  50. Be careful when somebody’s in your room taking notes. Even if they’re a coach saying that their to help you and it’s confidential. They are hired by the principal. And they always write things to protect the principal and to hurt you that you’re not following their agenda. You don’t know what the writing. Then there’s a 3020a where they go against you. Their jobs depend on the principal remember that.

  51. Ask the teachers above who are about to quit if it could be worse. And if the uft has helped.

  52. Another bloodbath in the stock market. 6% per year over the next 5 isn’t going to do nothing to help union workers. We need upwards of 8 and we will be lucky to get 4. We need new economic policies ( not taxes) to help our nations middle class union workers.


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