Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chapter Elections Are Coming!

It was recently announced at Monday's Executive Board meeting that Chapter Leader and Delegate elections will be held shortly. Packets will be mailed to Chapter Leaders on April 24th.

Every chapter will hold elections no matter how long the present chapter leader has been in office. Chapters must set up election committees and post specific times for nominations and one day for the election.

We have posted the Union's own guide to running the election at Make certain your chapter follows these rules to the letter. Any irregularities should be reported at once to

Register your vote against givebacks and a leadership that is out of touch with our membership. Run for Chapter positions!


Anonymous said...

"No matter how long the present chapter has been in office..."

Chapter terms are, I thought, 3 years. Are you saying that if we want a CC out, we no longer have to wait the 3 years are start a petition for recall?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, if there are irregularities, Jeff Kaufman is the last person I would notify. I'll call my DR.