Wednesday, December 05, 2018


Dear Readers,

We have written for this blog for over 13 years but now it is time to take a rest.

Norm Scott says over at EdNotes and in the Rockaway Wave, "ICE-UFT was an election caucus through 2010, but currently exists to meet in a diner once a month to gossip about the other caucuses and eat rice pudding."

I'm not much of a fan of rice pudding or really gossiping either so it is time for me to move on. ICEUFT serves no real purpose if we are there just to talk and eat. Furthermore, since I am not working in a school, I no longer have the firsthand pulse on what is going on daily so it is hard to be an effective advocate.

I agree with Norm that UFT elections are futile. It is a stacked deck in favor of Unity. Why not just do what most UFT members do and become apathetic? Can one actually attempt to be apathetic? For me it will take some effort not to care.

I have run for some office and campaigned in every UFT election since 1997. We won often enough in the high schools so we made a very small difference but in the end this is the Unity show and it will continue to be. I don't advocate leaving the UFT as there are just not enough activists to form a better union and something is much better than nothing.

As for our other work to support teachers and other UFT members, the notion of union solidarity and all for one and one for all seems kind of out of place today in many schools. Whether it is the fault of the UFT leadership or the membership hardly seems to matter much. We aren't turning into a union that defends its members and upholds rights no matter what anytime soon.

If Jeff wants to write again, I hope he continues the blog or someone else takes it over but for me, I'm through with the school and UFT stuff for a while at least.

No comments here please. Email me at and I will try to get you to some decent people, particularly if you are in trouble. I feel for each and every person under attack. I know how rough it can be on you, your students, your family and friends. Keep the faith.

For now,  it is time for me to take my activist energies elsewhere.

All the best,