Wednesday, June 11, 2008


by James Eterno, UFT Chapter Leader, Jamaica High School

On a steamy June Monday, there was a Citywide Chapter Leaders' meeting at the Marriot in Brooklyn. We were called in for two purposes: to organize people to join hands across New York City at City Hall and to pick up anonymous surveys to rate Joel Klein's performance.

We also found out there isn't much the UFT can do about us working in the oppressive heat in the schools.

The rally's objective will be to keep pressure on the City to put the money for schools back into the budget. The rally will be on Monday, June 16th after school. To our Unity readers who like to comment: I will be there and I will ask my Chapter members to attend as well.

The purpose of the surveys is to rate Klein and the central Department of Education. I seem to remember that we engaged in a similar endeavor in 2005 during the Contract fight. We graded Klein in the schools and then we announced the results at a rally inside Madison Square Garden. You see how much it accomplished. Within a few months we accepted the horrific Fact Finding Report that led to the terrible 2005 Contract where we gave away so many of our rights (longer day, longer year, weaker due process etc...). What makes us think there will be any different results this time around?

Please note again that I will hand out the surveys and encourage all the members of my Chapter to fill them out as I am a loyal UFT Chapter Leader. Also, I really do hope this does some good. However, forgive my cynicism because we've all seen this movie before. It didn't end too well last time. Maybe the sequel will be better.


Anonymous said...

Give us some do now work. That's what the UFT thinks of us.

Woodlass said...

This particular survey is bound to be far more accurate than any of the surveys promulgated by the DOE. Remember all the intimidation that went on in the schools with administrators trying to get teachers to paint rosy pictures of their schools.

The surveys will be more accurate than Klein's school grading system as well. At least this "report card" won't be based on manipulated test scores and other kinds of manufactured data.

Anonymous said...

The surveys will accomplish nothing. Klein will be out soon and Randi will talk about how awesome the surveys were for the fight against Klein.

Bloomberg and Klein are kicking our asses. Do you think that they care about what anyone thinks or cares? Come on.

Bloomberg said of the heat yesterday; "It was hot when I went to school too."

Nothing about dilapidated school conditions, overcrowded classrooms and the fact that it is 2008...

Test us up the ass...but ac's?...No Cool Air for You!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the sequel will be better?

Like all sequels, they only get worse.

Anonymous said...

This survey is another gimick of Randy. What do we need this stupid paper that does not accomplish anything. RW fix the current problems such as the rubber room, ATRS, excessed teachers, overcrowded classrooms, etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying these comments so much. The comments make being a DOE employee almost bearable knowing that there are like minded people out there. At least we are not alone.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that these surveys are just a way for Randi to make it seem like teachers venting will accomplish something good?

Anonymous said...

So true.

Anonymous said...

Surveys...our dues wasted again...

These are only highlights...

Form LM-2 Labor Organization Annual Report

Period – From 8/1/2005, Through 7/31/2006
Teachers, AFL-CIO, Local Union 2, New York City Teachers
52 Broadway

- Schedule 5 – Investments
- $100,000 State of Israel Bond
- $65,000 State of Israel Bond
- According to the report employees were engaged in the following activities:
o Representational Activities – 46%
o Political Activities and Lobbying – 6%
o Contributions – 0%
o General Overhead – 38%
o Administration – 10%
- So, less than half of the time spent by employees of the Union went towards representing the membership
- Nearly half of the time was used for administrative purposes
- Active members in the Union – 105,792
- Retirees – 49, 331
- Interesting Donations
o National Action Network - $10,000
o West Indian Day Parade - $10,000
o Council for Unity, Inc. - $10,000
o Seaside Summer Concert Series - $30,000
- General Overhead Disbursements
o Regal Cinemedia - $54,120
♣ Ticket Provider
o NY Hilton and Towers - $641,517
♣ Meeting Services
o AT&T Teleconference Services - $321,514
♣ General vendor
o Coffee Distributing Corp. - $101,189
♣ Coffee provider
o Central Parking System - $82,725
♣ Parking
o New York Helmsley Hotel - $67,315
♣ Meeting Services
o AMC Theaters - $67,075
♣ Ticket Provider
o Waldorf Astoria - $194, 146
♣ Meeting Serv.
o NY Mets Group Sales Dept. - $8,812
♣ General Vendor
o Culinart - $1,373,095
♣ Catering
o Clearview Cinemas - $17,605
♣ Tickets
o Sheraton New York Hotels - $264,817
♣ Meeting Service
o Bill Lynch Associates, LLC - $219,572
♣ Consulting
o Louie & Johnnies Pizza Café - $18,176
♣ Caterer
o Leo E. Casey - $15,879
♣ General Vendor
♣ See the salary report!
o 86th Street Meat Market Inc. - $40,631
♣ Catering
o Adrian & Rocky’s Catering Services - $29,241
♣ Catering
o Shore Haven Diner - $20,040
♣ Catering
o Grand Harmony Restaurant - $12,333
♣ Catering
o UFT Elementary Charter School - $646,238
♣ Charter School
o Babs & Boys - $230,000
♣ Video Provider
o Six Flags Great Adventure - $5,977
♣ Park Tickets
o The Glover Park Group - $243,165
♣ Consultant

Anonymous said...


Form LM-2 Labor Organization Annual Report
Name Position Total Disbursement Source
Rhonda Weingarten President 263897 Form LM-2 Labor Organization Annual Report
Daniel Acosta Field Rep. 96593
Carmen Alvarez-Scaglion Special Rep. NYSUT 92797 Period – From 8/1/2005, Through 7/31/2006
Susan Amlung Communications 164068 Teachers, AFL-CIO, Local Union 2, New York City Teachers
Amy Arundell Special Rep. 124807 52 Broadway
Robert Astrowsky Special Rep. NYSUT 160917
Charles Baker Asst. CFO 130404
Leroy Barr Special Rep. NYSUT 127969
Michelle Bodden Special Rep. NYSUT 120866
Klaus Bornemann Special Rep. 132156
Jacques Bycinthe Special Asst. 93519
James Callaghan Writer 95131
Leo Casey Special Rep. 133960
Steven Castellano Bldg. manager 103778
Joseph Colletti Special Rep. 128483
Robert Conroy Mngr. - Office Services 81730
Lawrence D'Addona Special Rep. 128990
Michelle Daniels Special Rep. 129280
Ronnie Davis Communications 129887
Helen Doughty Special Rep. 127192
Michael Dubin Chief Financial Officer 201986
Claudette Edwards Admin. Asst. 108644
Paul Egan Special Rep. 126682
Eloise Engler Industrial Hygienist 138142
Christopher Flaherty Director - Admin. Servcs. 131421
Harolyn Fritz Boro. Rep. 164038
Ellen Gallin Procida Special Rep. 129907
Stephen Gappelberg Special Rep. 128696
Carol Gerstl General Counsel 158571
Anne Goldman Special Rep. - NYSUT 131318
Jerome Goldman Boro. Rep. - NYSUT 164819
Jeffrey Goldstein Special Rep. 159546
Rodney Grubiak Special Rep. 128696
Jonathan Gyurko Special Rep. 127939
David Hickey General Manager 211561
Jeffrey Huart Special Rep. 125699
Angela Khan Special Rep. 113978
Marc Korashan Special Rep. 124801
Martha Lane Special Rep. 129726
Elizabeth Langiulli Special Rep. - NYSUT 187248
Joyce Levenson Special Rep. 101771
Joseph Loverde Jr. Writer 113365
Kenneth Lubetsky Special Rep. 135123
Stuart Marques Communications 172788
Mary McAdoo Communications 100166
Michael Mendel Special Rep. 204350
Lawrence Miraldi Editor 172007
Thomas Murphy Special Rep. 157845
John Papas Mngr. - Accounting 115544
Christine Proctor Industrial Hygienist 130972
Gary Rabinowitz Special Rep. 131307
Amina Rachman Special Rep. 147597
Pierrot Raymond Special Asst. 131394
Briget Anne Rein Special Rep. 127739
Marvin Reiskin District Rep. - NYSUT 105549
Sharon Ripley Special Rep. 126175
John Robilotti Special Rep. 131782
Ann Rosen Special Rep. 129990
Eugene Rubin Special Rep. 128227
Abraham Ruda Special Rep. 154625
Burton Sacks Special Asst. 174963
Maureen Salter Communications 144298
Theresa Samuels Special Rep. 127248
Kathy Schiavarelli Supervisor 104976
Howard Schoor Boro. Rep. 154613
Anthony Sclafani Special Rep. 129541
Evelyn Seroy Special Rep. 127497
John Settle Special Rep. 130160
James Sherlock Special Rep. 127754
Barbara Shiller Special Rep. 141344
Barbara Silberman Special Rep. 127661
Howard Solomon Special Rep. 153085
Michael Spielman Writer 113861
Garry Sprung Special Rep. 154694
William Stamatis Special Rep. 135030
Francine Streich Special Rep. 126794
Lucille Swaim Special Asst. 169173
James Tabert Boro. Rep. - NYSUT 162388
Laura Tamburo Special Rep. 127175
Marcia Texidor Supervisor 131635
James Vasquez Special Rep. 112975
Hope Willocks Special Rep. 109781
Donald Wright Mgr. - Accounting 103282
Jeffrey Zahler Special Rep. - NYSUT 151429

Anonymous said...

The salaries are way out of date. They are from two years ago. When does this year's report come out?

proofoflife said...

i thought it was funny how we were asked to vote on something that was already packaged and ready to go!

Anonymous said...

Unity style democracy.