Monday, July 06, 2009

Interesting Piece on Obama and Education

Lisa North sent this article to us. It's very good reading.

The Chicago model goes national.

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Anonymous said...

Obama/Duncan/Rhee/Bloomberg/Bush/Cheney/Mussolini/Hitler and the rest of the demagogues . . .

Sorry to be so petty but I am taking this opportunity to tell you:

I told you so. I warned you.

The dangers we are facing now, and the hell that some of us are experiencing were already in play years ago. The current president wasn't going to do anything other than irreparably injure teachers and their families, and the communities in which they teach.

And, frankly, it makes no difference who the president is at any particular time. The human creatures with too much money and too much power to hurt and enslave and destroy other people and animals dictate the policies in this country and other countries.

Thank you for the posting, Lisa.