Friday, June 11, 2010

DOE Decides That It Is Better Not to Show Layoffs on Open Market Screen

Just as quietly as it appeared the layoff and retention section of the open market screen has disappeared.

It is unclear why the DOE deleted these two references but we are glad it was done.

We wish it were that easy to take layoffs off of the table.


Under Assault said...

In any case, I couldn't access it yesterday from a Mac, was only able to see it on a PC at school. Today, I can read it on a Mac.

I would say the DoE can't get things right, but I suspect all the changes made under Klein's chancellorship are motivated by purposeful destabilization. As long as the software doesn't work, we're left to scramble about for information or compile what we need manually.

I'm talking about:
— ARIS, which doesn't match ATS when you need it to, in the opening weeks of each term (when you want to know things about your students and monitor class size),
— the seniority lists, which have been grossly incorrect for over a year and may still be,
— the Open Market system, which doesn't match the reality of job openings, and
— the DoE email system, which doesn't give enough memory to staff (that means the administrators can store correspondence, but we can't past a certain small amount).

How much computer technology can they get wrong without our suspecting purposeful delays and errors?

Anonymous said...

So, will there be layoffs or not? Isn't the layoff period over?

ed notes online said...

The layoff period is never over. In 1975 we went off to summer vacation with only vague threats. We came back in September and "whammo" -15,000 people were cut.

Anonymous said...

The administration could care less about the "children" they claim to love. Their only concern is the bottom line. With a state buyout incentive available to all districts(NYC), to offer an incentive is a no brainer. Yet, this administration will wait until the beginning of September after the opt in period to offer a buyout. Their strategy is to wait until people retire over the summer and then offer the buyout. The disruption to schools and individual classes does not enter into their equation. Only the cost saving that will be generated by this method. No surprise that Bloomberg defends the CEO of British Petroleum, he has never met a CEO he did not like. With all this, the mayor's popularity still soars and the print media can not get enough of his BS.

Anonymous said...

Layoffs will happen if the mayor can succeed in finding a way to get rid of ATRs and reverse-seniority laws.

Anonymous said...

UFT won'give on this as long as we tell them no, no, no!

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. Things like this make you not wanna teach anymore. Im a shop teacher in the south bronx and our school has just been destroyed by an real grade "A" moron principal. Mind you the union has done nothing to help. They ignore our elected union people, because of a certain VP of CTE. who is buddy buddy with this shit principal. and now with pending layoffs the staff has sunk even lower on the morale meter. The kids get hurt the most and its not right. But what can I do, im only a shop teacher.

Under Assault said...

I think we have to expose how much the Bronx district office is abandoning the members. Even when all the documentation I've prepared for them on the stuff happening at my school is accurate and explicit.

Cumulative Step Is and IIs at least had SOME an affect on principals in the old days. With no check on them now, the Bronx has put up a Do Not Disturb Sign and hope you don't bother them.

I think there are so many violations citywide that UFT "management" has told the borough offices to set themselves on slo-mo. There aren't nearly enough arbitration days to handle all the destruction.

Anonymous said...

Contract is basically gone thanks to avalanche of violations.

Anonymous said...

Very true. Our principal does whatever she wishes and gets away with in your face contract violations. And the DR for the Bronx knows about it and does a big nothing!! Our school is a cte school in the south Bronx and our union presence is beyond weak in this building. They still haven't given out excess letters for Pete's sake. Hello deadline! You call UFT Bronx and no answer and u leave a message and no answer. U call UFT main and they tell u to call UFT Bronx. WTF ? I have been in the system for ten years at different cte schools and have never seen such a screwed up school like the one I'm in now. And our union does nothing!!! Funny how our VP of voc ed was once a teacher here and knows what's going on but does nothing to help. People change when they get to the top.