Saturday, October 16, 2010


We salute the teachers down in Charm City who voted down by a 58% to 42% margin a contract that would have in part tied teacher pay to student test scores.

Something really positive seems to be happening when teachers in Baltimore reject a lousy contract and voters in DC throw out Mayor Adrian Fenty who foisted Michelle Rhee upon educators in that city.

Could anti ed deform fever catch here in NYC?

I also heard that Waiting for Superman documentary isn't doing all that well at the box office. Maybe people are tired of hearing teacher bashing propaganda.

You can hear an interview with a Baltimore teacher here.

Read about the Baltimore story here.


Anonymous said...

What I find disturbing is that only half of the Baltimore teachers bothered to vote!

Anonymous said...

Not easy for them to vote. Ballots were not in schools. They had to go somewhere.