Wednesday, October 20, 2010


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Under Assault said...

Important article at Chaz's blog on the ATR situation, which ends with these two warnings, and other relevant comments:

Says: "Don’t listen to the people who claim that the ATRs have a time limit. No such time limit exists. . . . Please realize that if you accept the position, you are stuck there for the entire school year and you might even lose your district rights if you don’t fight for it at the end of the school year."

"Please, do not take a vacancy in a school outside your district unless you like the school and it is equivalent to the school you were excessed from. Remember, you are dealing from a position of strength, the DOE cannot force you to take a position out of your district and if you were under 3020-a charges and agreed to a settlement. Make sure in the settlement that you can only go back to your district."