Tuesday, January 11, 2011


UFT Secretary Michael Mendel intervened after we were losing open and shut Chancellors' level grievance hearings on right of return for excessed teachers. They are not being allowed to return to cover vacancies in their license areas. After Mendel became involved, the DOE relented and is agreeing to send three teachers who were exercising their right of return back to Jamaica.

One teacher won't come back right away because she is teaching a class as an ATR at Beach Channel and the principal there asked her to stay to finish out the term. Next time DOE puts on a story about how they can't afford to keep all of those ATR's, point them to this piece please.

Score one for the old fashioned grievance process but this should not have taken a semester. It should have been settled as soon as the openings occurred.


NYC Educator said...

Congratulations James. Your determination and dedication are inspirational, and we all need a little more inspiration these days.

bookworm said...

Amazing what can happen when a chapter leader actually acts like one. Congratulations. Can I come work at Jamaica? As ATR, I'm FREE for the taking!! Like shopping the clearance rack, but cheaper!

Anonymous said...

James I'm happy to hear that your excessed colleagues are back at JHS. The grievance process does work as long as chapter leaders demand that the DoE respect the process.

Congrats to you and your colleagues.

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Anonymous said...

Our school has not had a science teacher for months. With all the ATRs in the system is it possible we couldn't find a teacher. Instead kids have gone without. Finally, where do they hire a teacher - from out of state. How ridiculous. The ATR situation is ludicrous. Congratulations on your win.