Saturday, January 01, 2011

Kids Win on the Play!

Our commenter on the last post was right it seems as The Department of Education is blaming the principals of Jamaica and Queens Collegiate for cancelling the play that criticized former Chancellor Joel Klein.

We will keep you updated when we return to school next week on when the play is scheduled to be performed. We hope everyone packs the house for the premiere.


NYC Educator said...

Good ol' reliable Joel "It's not my fault" Klein.

Chaz said...

Another idiotic decision by a Jamaica High School Principal.

Anonymous said...

Could the original Step I grievance have been filed as an expedited grievance? It did have to do with reorganization. If so, the UFT can fast track it for arbitration, which they will no doubt do if it was not filed as expedited. The grievant will win the right to return what the DOE is doing is making it a moot point as by the time it may be heard the school will be into another organization or closed.