Monday, August 29, 2011

The Verizon Battle Continues Tuesday at 11 am


11am, Tuesday, August 30th

Make Verizon Pay Back the Money it Made from a Fraud on our Schools and Settle a Fair Contract with its Workers

What: Education advocates, labor unions, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, and other elected officials will join together to demand Verizon pay back its ill-gotten gains from our schools and settle a fair contract with its workers.

When/Where: 11am, Tuesday, August 30th in front of the Municipal Building.


On August 17th, the Mayor’s PEP approved a $120 million contract with Verizon. According to the Special Investigator for the Schools, Richard Condon, Verizon knew about and profited from an overbilling fraud scheme[1]. Verizon’s direct profits in the scheme were at least $800,000, according to the investigator, but the PEP approved the contract anyway.

The fight is not over: Verizon should pay back the money it made off of the scheme and make the schools whole through a restitution – and settle a fair contract with its workers. This issue also deserves more scrutiny from the NYC Council, which Councilman Cabrera has promised.

Verizon has contradicted itself on the schools contract, allegedly telling some members of the PEP and the media that it may pay back its proceeds from the scheme. Verizon also sent a letter to the PEP denying its role in the fraud and falsely claiming that the Schools Investigator’s report did not say that Verizon was aware of the fraud.

Verizon is demanding massive givebacks from its workers, including: freezing pensions for new and current workers; raising health care costs by thousands of dollars for current and retired workers; cutting benefits for workers injured on the job; and shipping more jobs overseas.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s representative, Patrick Sullivan, was one of four PEP votes against approval of the controversial contract. Borough President Stringer, CWA, education advocates and other elected officials (list in formation) will call on Verizon to pay back the money, make the schools whole, and settle a fair contract with its workers. Please join us!


ed notes online said...

The Press conf date has been changed. Look for another announcement.

Anonymous said...

What kind of phones do the UFT drones use to call their friends? Anyone notice callaghan's posting on Gotham Schools yesterday confirming what we all knew about Ron Isaac joining ICE and then getting a do nothing job at the union where he spies on fellow writers and sends negative memos about them to Weingarten and mulgrew? If its true that he does little or no work, then Weingarten used union dues for her campaign......a felony under the landrum-----griffin act....

Anonymous said...

Call in the FBI!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the uft should be under investigation for using dues money for Weingarten's does Issac get away with doing nothing all day? Is it true he only shows up three days a week to do nothing? That is s nice pay day for being randi's rat in ICE

Anonymous said...

Fon Isaac hasn't been in ICE in many years.

Anonymous said...

Right you are Ron.
you joined ICE to spy on us; then you got a no-show job from Randi for $70,000 plus your pension plus your JFK full time gig.
nice going rat!