Monday, December 05, 2011


Thanks to Norm (Ed Notes) for providing the email below on ATR supervision in Brooklyn.  This is not encouraging.  The question I have is how much money is the DOE spending to run this nonsensical program?

From: Atrassignment <
Subject: Important Update on Supervision 
Date: Monday, December 5, 2011, 10:37 AM 

Dear Teacher, 

The Department of Education is piloting a new model for supervision of teachers in the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR).  This pilot will be implemented for most ATRs assigned to community school districts in Brooklyn as well as the Brooklyn High School superintendency, District 73; you are receiving this email because you will likely be included in the pilot.  Under this initiative, you will be supervised by a licensed administrator, called a Field Supervisor, who will periodically observe your practice and provide you with feedback to support your professional development.  The Field Supervisors are aware that as an ATR you do not have a regular program and that you rotate school assignments and they will take this context into account in their work with you. 

At some point in the next two months, you should expect your Field Supervisor to visit your assignment site to meet with you in person.  At this initial meeting, the Field Supervisor will work with you to develop a plan to support your professional growth and job search process.  The Field Supervisor will make an effort to contact you via your DOE email in advance of the initial meeting to give you a sense of when you can expect him or her; however, he or she may not always be able to provide advance notification. 


NYC Department of Education 



NYC Educator said...

Holy crap. I can't imagine being observed teaching a class that isn't mine, with kids who don't know me, but know that I'll be gone in a week.

That's unconscionable.

Michael Fiorillo said...

"He or she might not always be able to provide advance notification"

Serial ambushes, in other words.

zulma said...

It's more like, "Going to Gotcha until I destroy your career!" supervision.

Schoolgal said...

Holy Crap Batman!!!

And where is the union response to this???????

Tom Forbes said...

Why don't they take the same approach with the principals and show up unannounced? The slimy stuff we see everyday would make you want to vomit.

Anonymous said...

And where is the money coming to pay for these jobs??? I thought there was a
budget crisis and DOE is adding new, unecessary Tweedsters!!! Probably more 20
somethings ripe for brainwashing and cult (non-questioning, spill the cool-aid
jargon out of their mouths) who will have these Field Supervisory positions.
Trogether they would not have enough experience to judge the majority of the
ATRs they will be "supervising!". SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!! Mulgrew, where are

Anonymous said...

Maybe should actually see what is going on and how we are being hall monitors, clerks and babysitters! We want to teach! They can not put the blame on us for not being given a teaching assignment!

Anonymous said...

More often than not, a class in which a sub is teaching is like The Rocky Horror Show. Kids are awful and administration offers no assistance. This is a fast-track way of getting rid of teachers.

Anonymous said...

And welcome to the "sub world" where we are fired without any evaluation whatsoever by a computer called Sub Central. Just push a button to place the sub on a "do not call list", and they are finished forever in DOE with no due process,nor contractual right to defend themselves against false allegations, and no ability to ever teach full time in the public school system.

If anyone in the union deserves more due process it is the per diem sub. This is a very difficult and dangerous job. But, who cares? I am still waiting for an answer to that question.