Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It appears the teachers in Buffalo, who have been without a contract for eight years, are hanging tough on opposing the new evaluation system.  Buffalo's teachers would not give much ground on the absurdity of rating teachers based on students who don't show up.  The union came to an agreement with the district where school wide student absenteeism had to be figured into the rating system for teachers.

When they reached this agreement with the district on evaluations, the union according to what I read then sent it to the membership.  This is right from the Buffalo News: "Teachers in every school in the district cast ballots on the proposed agreement earlier in the day; the delegates' vote was to be the final deciding factor by the union."  They emailed the agreement to members.  Why doesn't that happen in NYC on these important changes to our working conditions?

In the end State Education Commissioner John King rejected the Buffalo deal and they will lose some funding.  The point here, however, is that there are unions in New York State that are willing to stand up for their members and take risks.

We will be pulling for the Buffalo teachers if and when they fight King's move in court .


Anonymous said...

Let's go Buffalo!

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