Friday, December 28, 2012


The UFT is apparently using the leverage the law gives us regarding the new evaluation system and the DOE is not happy about it.  Therefore, the DOE has gone to the Public Employees Relations Board to file a charge against the Union.

It seems the UFT is linking an evaluation agreement to reaching agreements on how the new system will be implemented, which schools will be closed or phased out, reduction in paperwork and a salary increase.

Good negotiating guys!  It's more than likely just a coincidence that the phone calls referred to in the DOE PERB charge took place on December 6 and the ICEUFT piece that was linked by Gotham on evaluations was posted on December 2.  We probably had nothing to do with it but we are indeed satisfied that the UFT leadership is at least talking tough in negotiations.

I think this is hopeful news. Yes the UFT might just be saber rattling but I think President Mulgrew and lead negotiator Michael Mendel are fully aware that they cannot sell a lousy agreement on evaluations (the only kind the DOE would ever agree to) to the membership.

I do not believe PERB has the authority to impose a settlement so basically the public relations battle is starting over who is to blame if and when the city loses $250 million in state aid because there is no agreement on a new evaluation system.

You can read the DOE complaint in its entirety in the middle of the Post article that is linked above and I urge everyone to take the time to do so.

Hope you are all enjoying your vacation.


NYCDOEnuts said...

One revealing thing about the complaint: The possibility where the UFT accepts an agreement for cash to be applied to a later contract- is now possible.
So, in exchange for a massively increased workload and a lot less tenure, I could possibly have half of a cost of living increase (that is three years past due) now, and the other half later...whenever that is.

Boy, that would motivate me to vote for the evaluation system. Oh, wait; I'll have no vote there.

Anonymous said...

No DOE Nuts there will be no vote but when UFT leaders actually take a tough stand, it is time to at least acknowledge it. That is all anyone is doing here.

Anonymous said...

Are the people who comment here still expecting a deal in three weeks? Please tell us how it's going to happen?

Anonymous said...

I was speaking to a Long Island teacher recently where her district has the new evaluation system. She told me the teachers hate it. Also she had to write a four and half page reflection from an observation. A second Long Island teacher told me (where her district also has the new evaluation system) the teachers do not like it and it is not going to last long. My biggest fear is that AFT President Weingarten (Ms. Sellout) is going to undermine us. Let's hope our President does the right thing for the members.

NYCDOEnuts said...

Sorry, I missed the tough stand part. I did, however, catch the stand over something part. Is that what you're talking about? Ill give credit for that, sure.
Do you feel safer or better paid, now?

James Eterno said...

DOE NUTS- We certainly respect your opinions and agree with you on the vote. The question is why we should condemn a bad deal when we don't have one yet?

Thanks for the comments from Long Island. Very enlightening and scary at the same time.

NYCDOEnuts said...

While I think I understand some of the dynamics behind the possible agreement or deal, I feel like I really understand the pitfalls of the new upcoming system (that's where my comment about the dramatically increased workload and reduced protections came from) and certainly any deal that leads to this system isn't a good one for teachers.
I have to say, though, I don't remember ccondemning anything.
Thanks for the great post.

Anonymous said...

Should teachers carry a GUN? I for one don't think that we need one. However, I do believe that teachers should have the right to vote on the proposed "New Teacher Devaluation System." NO, it's not a typo, I meant Devaluation.
This system is not good for our children, our teachers, or our schools. VOTE NO on linking teacher evaluations to random student test scores.
We need a system that is healthy for students and teachers alike. Maybe we need to eliminate MAYORAL control and the BILLION dollar political machine that is forcing its way on the education of our children in our public schools.

Anonymous said...

I am glad the union mentioned a reduction in paperwork. The increase in the workload has nothing to do with making us better teachers but to make us miserable. Teachers in my school are very upset sbout the workload and are getting discouraged.

Anonymous said...

The union never wins with the media. I am glad they are taking a stand about this. If the union were keep giving in to the mayor it will only be a paper tiger.

Anonymous said...

QUESTION: Did the two Long Island teachers have a chance to vote on their current evaluation system that they "hate"? If so, was it sold to them by their union leaders? My understanding is that the majority of teacher unions on NY who accepted a new evaluation system put up the evaluation system as a vote to their rank and file. (As we know, this will not be the case here in NYC and we are at the mercy of the Unity Party)

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful to our union because they are the only ones we have to fight for us and who understand and appreciate the difficulties of the career. I can not imagine where we would be without a union.

It is an extremely difficult career.
This job is all consuming.

A student who does not pass a test may have made tremendous progress but it is not "seen" on a piece of paper.

This evaluation system is a sham and does not evaluate what we do or how hard it is to be a teacher today.

We put years into our education and complete on-going professional development. Then we are governed by simplistic thought. It is all the simplistic thought that governs us that is driving the profession into the ground.

How can anyone assess all that we do and understand the complexities of each student and of our day to day job demands based on a 1-4 rating scale.

Thank you UFT for fighting for us.

Anonymous said...

Long Island teachers that I know of voted on the system because it was tied to their new contracts.

Anonymous said...

If the Long Island teachers voted to accept a new evaluation that is tied to their contract then they deserve what they got. Long Island is part of New York State and as such, their old contract could have stayed in place as long as they wanted to under the Tribourough Ammendment. In other words, they did not have to agree to a new evaluation system until they were ready to accept a quality one. Of course they would "loose" extra money from the state but we all know that the money is not to be used in the classroom anyway. The point is, that the teachers who are accepting new evaluations connected to contracts are being "sold" on the idea from their union leaders when in fact, everybody is going to get shafted in the long run.

Anonymous said...

whatever, look at his acts. The most recent pledging $1 billion of TRS money to help rebuild new york city after Sandy should have been addressed to the rank in file for a vote. This is not what the UFT should be involved in.
Look at his picture with Bill Clinton, John Liu, Randy Weingarten, and HUD head. He clearly has other goals.
What are his priorities????