Saturday, February 23, 2013


Below in italics is an excerpt from the weekly UFT Chapter Leader Update. The UFT will support legislation to allow State Education Commissioner John King to impose a teacher evaluation system on New York City teachers.

You can bet your pension it will be a lousy system based on student test scores (junk science) and the easily abused Danielson framework.

The only hope for not seeing this system imposed on us is to vote for MORE in the UFT election. Instead of saying we must comply with the evaluation law as the current union leadership does, let's collectively stand up against this unjust law in the tradition of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King.

Teacher eval impasse will go to binding arbitration if no agreement reached by May

Given the city’s failure to meet the state-imposed Jan. 17 deadline, which cost our schools $240 million, the governor added an amendment to his budget submission on Thursday that empowers state Education Commissioner John King to act as a binding arbitrator to settle any elements of the agreement that have not been finalized in negotiations by May 29. In that event, after reviewing position papers and hearing oral arguments by both sides in May, Commissioner King will establish New York City’s new teacher evaluation plan by June 1. New York City would have to put the plan into effect by Sept. 1. What the governor proposes is a natural next step in collective bargaining when there is an impasse. King, a lifelong educator who is serious about education, has approved more than 700 evaluation plans across New York State. “We’ve seen the kinds of plans the state has approved,” said UFT President Michael Mulgrew. “We are comfortable with them because they are about helping teachers help kids, which is something that we don’t often hear from the city. So while I would prefer to get to a negotiated settlement, with this in place I know a deal will get done.”


Anonymous said...

Forget about betting your pension. You might not actually see a pension when this goes through.

Teachmy class MrMayor (and you too MrMulgrew) said...

There was no way to see this coming.

The problem with the written word sometimes is that you can not always feel the sarcasm. I don't think that is an issue this time. They will most likely win, which is unfortunate, because it shows that so many people who are educated are so dumb. Too bad anyone who votes for Mulgrew and those that vote for ANYONE else, be they MORE or their pet dog can't have separate agreements. Or how about, those that vote for UNITY can be the test group. Let those folks work under the sell out evaluation agreement, and see how it works before the rest of us are subjected to it?

Mike Mulgrew you are the worst.

Anonymous said...

Let's have the people who vote for Unity be the pilot schools for this. Great idea.