Monday, May 12, 2014


and come out for the Take Back Our Schools rally on May 17!
Weekly Update #97
May 12, 2014
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Come to a MORE Happy Hour this week to discuss the contract proposal, get your questions answered, and pick up Vote NO flyers.

Don't forget to download and print the flyer from the website and distribute to your coworkers and other schools.

Queens (Districts 30, 24)
Thursday, May 15th
Studio Square
35-33 36th St. (QNS)
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South Bronx
Friday, May 16
Wish 37
37 Bruckner Blvd. (BX)

Inwood/West Bronx
Friday, May 16
Inwood Local
4957 Broadway (b/w 207th St. and Isham)

Bay Ridge (Districts 20, 21, 22)
Friday, May 16
Harp Bar
7710 3rd Ave. (BK)
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Park Slope and Sunset Park (District 15)
Friday, May 23
Freddys Bar and Backroom
627 5th Ave. (BK)
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Lower Manhattan (Districts 1, 2)
*Book reading, signing, and discussion of Dante's Inferno: Ten Years in the New York Public School Gulag
Wednesday, May 14
Nuyorican Poets Cafe
236 E. 3rd St. (Man)
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Join us on May 17, 2014
to Take Back our Schools
2:00pm, City Hall Park

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View event page - Watch the video!

On Saturday, May 17th at 2:00 pm, thousands will join Diane Ravitch, Carol Burris, Leonie Haimson, Brian Jones to fight to preserve and protect public education. Save Our Schools is proud to partner with MORE, NYSAPE, BATs, CTS, and other advocacy groups in calling for community activists, parents, educators, and lawmakers to join together and march in support of a developmentally appropriate and equitably funded public education free from the influence of corporate reform and high stakes testing.


Pre-Rally Brunch and Sign-Making Party
Saturday, May 17
Megan Moskop's house in Upper Manhattan (near City College)
Email to RSVP and get address

Post-Rally Happy Hour
Saturday, May 17
4:00-7:00pm (near City Hall Park)
Educators and concerned citizens! Come relax after the big rally, meet and chat with other activists, and check out Jacobin Magazine's new Class Action: An Activist Teacher's Handbook. 
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Copies of the handbook will be available- we recommend using them as an organizing tool.

SchoolBook: Here's Why NYC Teachers Should Reject Labor Contract (Julie Cavanaugh)

The Nation: Should New York Teachers Reject De Blasio's Proposed Contract? (Michelle Chen)

MORE Caucus: The Contract We Do Not Deserve

A Report: Why Vote No


Anonymous said...

Vote up this contract! It provides compounded raises of 19.5% within 4 years plus full retro from 11/2009. The average payout will total $22,000.00! Many will see much larger retro sums. No give-backs!
Vote YES for yourself, for your family for your union!

anon said...

during past ratifications, i recall being mailed my ballot by the aaa and mailing it back to them.
now, ballots are being sent to cls, who distribute them and retrieve them.
why is this?

Anonymous said...

Ratifications were done in schools. UFT elections for officers are done by mail

Anonymous said...

Sell out the ATRs for increases that don't even keep up with inflation. Lend your money to de Blasio for no interest and get nothing back. Only Unity stalwarts will vote for this garbage.

Anonymous said...

I truly do not feel that we are settling for less then they are, or will be. I believe that over all, this is a fair deal. I do not think we could have done that much better. We weren't in the negotiating room.
Every union has a different set of wants and needs. We do and they all do too. It's hard to know what they will or will not accept, or what the City will eventually accept. What we do know is that our team negotiated and agreed upon a contract. That contract was approved by the Executive Board, the Delegates of the union, and also a sign off from the municipal unions as a whole (which will affect them too). Would I want 8% now. Sure! But, you know what-- the school year remains unchanged, the school day remains the same, in time. We are getting full retro, and 19.5% compounded money between now through 2018. Top salary going to nearly $120,000. I consider this to be a good contract and will vote for it and will recommend others to vote for it too.

Anonymous said...

"No givebacks"....? have you lost your mind?

The contract targets ATRs with expedited 3020As , and termination within 30 days for undefined "unprofessional behaviour". This is not a mythhhhh.

If you're not an ATR today, you will be in the future!

Anonymous said...

If memory serves me, Bloomberg bribed the UFT with a fantastic raise to let him be in charge of the DOE.

How did that work for us?

Anonymous said...

If ballots are being distributed by the Chapter Leaders how will the ATRs be able to vote? I'm an ATR and I've almost never met a Chapter Leader.

Anonymous said...

-Or, wait around for the next "Bloomberg" to become mayor. Eva? Maybe you'll be happier with the contract offerings then?

Anonymous said...

Ballots should be mailed in. I don't trust chapter leaders. Way too easy for something to "happen" to the votes on their way to AAA. Hope we like our new contract.

Anonymous said...

Top salary should go to $120k now, not in 4 years. They're the ones who said they don't want to keep losing teachers because our pay is so far under the surrounding areas.