Wednesday, November 05, 2014


There is little doubt that public school teachers and our unions suffered major losses in yesterday's midterm elections from coast to coast. The reelection of anti-union Scott Walker in Wisconsin and other anti-union governors truly stings.

Pennsylvania's Governor's race and California's state Superintendent of Education election look like exceptions. Also, putting Value Added Assessments for teachers into the Missouri state constitution went down easily. Other than these and some other little wins, the election looks like a complete disaster for labor and public educators.

Read this Politico story from Stephanie Simon for the ugly details on education.

Will the new majority Republican US Senate pass a new No Child Left Behind law?  What will it look like? Maybe Race to the Top ends. Perhaps Republicans try to leave education to the states but it is hard to see either party turning their backs on their big money charter school friends. Look for school choice to be pushed.

What happens to Common Core?  Maybe there is a silver lining in Republican opposition to Common Core but don't bet on anything improving.

Here in New York Andrew Cuomo was reelected Governor and will have a majority Republican State Senate to work with. Sheldon Silver and the Democratic majority in the New York State Assembly are right now all that is separating us from oblivion.

Howie Hawkins from the Green Party made a bit of a dent in Cuomo's victory margin. Hawkins received 5% of the vote which is much better than in 2010 when he garnered just 1.3% against Cuomo. Even without any scientific exit polling, I think we can safely say some of that Green boost came from angry teachers voting against Cuomo.

I am not looking forward to the news coming out of the next legislative session.


Tamar Flower said...

There is not much of a difference between some Democrats and Republicans in office now a days.
Mitch McConnell already had a press conference that he wants to focus on tax reform and immigration first. Anything else, dont know how that will happen.

Maybe it wont be too bad...maybe.. It is not like Obama has been that helpful or supportive of hmmmnnn

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Dems are now Neoliberals, but really Republicans in disguise.

I am glad some good things happened like the California vote for a pro-public school chief of instruction. The VAM vote was also great news.


Anonymous said...

What about at the state level commenters? Cuomo declared war on us last week and won easily.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Scott Walker winning with ease.