Monday, November 17, 2014


Here we go with the storm clouds coming as Regents Chancellor Meryl Tisch calls for raising the charter cap and closing more schools.

Here is a quote on charters:

“As we look to this legislative season, people are going to say we need to raise the charter cap. I personally am a great believer in charter schools ... I believe in opening them aggressively” Chancellor Merryl Tisch said on the John Catsimatidis radio show. “I’d like to push more charter schools.”

Now for a quote on closing schools:

"If we do not see movement on these schools, these lowest-performing schools, in terms of their ability to retool their workforce, by the spring, we will move to close them,” she said. “Because these are the schools that have failed for generations now.”

See how she blames the teachers for the failure which is absurd.

She also does not favor changing admission requirements in specialized high schools so they can admit more African American and Latino students.  She blames elementary schools for the low admission rates for these students.

A triple crown for ed deform from the state.


Anonymous said...

isn't ms. tisch married to a billionaira??? hmnn i wonder why she is now in favor of charters.....lets get her out of albany due cause of conflict of interest..

Anonymous said...

This woman tisch is such a fake people...She is married to a billionaire and her position of school chancellor is due for re election in 2016 where I doubt she will be reelected into the chancellor position...

Anonymous said...

fake, incompentent, billionaire blunder, old school mentality, married at 20 years old in arranged marriage...implemented common core like cream cheese on a bagel