Sunday, August 30, 2015


For those looking to see an activist union leader in action, there is this piece taken from the latest NYSUT Leader Briefing where Beth Chetney confronts the Lieutenant Governor:

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul sat at a picnic table with Beth Chetney, president of the Baldwinsville TA. Surrounded by protesters and media representatives, Chetney aired concerns about student testing, teacher evaluations, a growing lack of control that educators feel inside their own classrooms, and Cuomo himself. Hochul tried to assure the activists that Cuomo is listening -- and cares about teachers and the pressures they face. "The issues you raise are legitimate," Hochul said. "I assure you they are being talked about at high levels. And you're going to see some changes."

There is a full report from Perdido Street School here based on coverage from

It needs to be emphasized that Beth Chetney is a leader of the statewide opposition to Michael Mulgrew's Unity Caucus called ST Caucus. MORE is affiliated with ST Caucus which stands for Stronger Together.  ICE is a big supporter of ST Caucus.

I have no confidence that we will see much positive change coming from the dysfunctional, corrupt government in Albany but having union leaders like Beth Chetney, not to be confused with another Stronger Together leader Beth Dimino, gives us all hope.


Anonymous said...

Hochul may be telling the truth except the changes she's talking about will be for the worse.

My advice to Albany is KEEP IT UP and you won't even have a warm body to teach these kids as young people would rather scrub toilets than go into teaching

Anonymous said...

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Russell Ericson said...

No doubt, choosing a good leader will show positive impact very soon. Thanks for the info. Hope Beth Chetney would be a good leader to reduce corruption. An ordinary person can never lead a group or can never be a political leader rather some special skills needed to be acquired. Some says, leaders are inborn but if one have the courage then he/she can develop it by own with self-confidence and with the help of certain training. Leadership coaching. It was nice to read. Thanks.