Wednesday, August 05, 2015


We received our Teacher's Choice email from UFT Staff Directors Ellie Engler and Leroy Barr on Monday. Here is what teachers and other school based UFT members need to know:

1-The allocation has increased to $122 for Teachers. Counselors, Social Workers and Psychologists are allocated $55. Lab Specialists get $40 to spend and Secretaries receive $28. The money will be added to late November pay.

2-The DOE says funds must be spent by January 8, 2016, which is a couple of months earlier than usual. August 1, 2015 was the start date.  Save those receipts. January 15, 2016 is the due date to submit the receipts. Here is a link to the accountability form that must be turned in with the receipts.

3-For those who do not wish to participate, there is a a DOE opt out letter that can be filled out and submitted by October 23, 2015. ICEblog does not recommend opting out.

The entire email from the UFT is copied below.

Dear James,

We hope you are enjoying your summer.

Every year, you and other New York City educators spend money out of your own pockets on materials you need to do your job in the coming school year.

We’re pleased to tell you that thanks to your advocacy efforts we have won a 62 percent overall increase in the Teacher's Choice funding to $9.65 million to help cover these expenses in the 2015–16 school year. Through social media and member lobbying, you helped to show the City Council the direct impact of Teacher's Choice on student learning.

The amount for teachers has increased to $122 for the coming school year. We know that many of you spend several times this amount every year on materials. The increase this year will help to offset some of your expenses.

As in previous years, to participate in Teacher’s Choice, you will need to submit receipts as proof of purchase. These receipts must accompany a Statement of Purpose/Accountability form, which you will find under key documents on the DOE’s Teacher’s Choice website. Purchases must be made between Aug.1, 2015 and Jan. 8, 2016 to qualify for Teacher's Choice.

For more information, please see the Teacher’s Choice section of the UFT website.


LeRoy Barr and Ellie Engler
Staff Directors


Anonymous said...

Great to know. If I had a class to teach and wasn't an ATR I might care. The 23 year old that replaced me will be happy. I guess it's Xmas in August! LeRoy Barr stick each of the 122 dollars where the sun don't shine.

Anonymous said...

Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. The last comment is looking at one in Leroy's hind quarters. Things are not looking up for teachers these days. If you are an ATR, spend the money on markers or something you can use like paper.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Really Anon 9:36?????? Every ATR out there has the right to tell Leroy Barr or anyone else in the UFT to shove the $122 without someone tossing around gift horse cliches. ATRs were sold out by Leroy and the rest of his Unity-UFT crew and now have zero job security. Roseanne McCosh - fortunate not to be an ATR (yet)

Anonymous said...

So give back the money.

Anonymous said...

This is 8:57, they'll get the $122 and I'll keep the $1272 I give the UFT annually (come October).

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have retro, and a real raise!!!

Anonymous said...

It will be a little after October before you can quit the UFT.

Anonymous said...

The sooner the better!

Anonymous said...

Another insult to teachers brought to you by your friendly UFT. Cant wait to quit and get a $100 per month raise.