Friday, October 16, 2015


Has anyone yet figured out if their salary adjustment is correct?

Below is page 4 of my Salary Adjustment Notice from 2014 for the mini arrears for the 2013 and 2014 1% raises.  Notice how in 2014 there is a a number for what was received and then a figure for the actual entitlement and then the difference. The numbers work.

Then look below that at the October 15, 2015 Salary Adjustment Notice from Payroll Portal.  Notice the figures under Total Amount for Actual Paid and Entitlement don't add up.  Nothing is right. Can any of us know if we were paid the right amount? This looks like a bookkeeping error but they had over a year to figure this out. I am not accusing anyone of malicious intent. I just want to see correct numbers like we saw in the past.

Is the UFT too busy doing happy talk with the DOE to notice the mistakes?  I have confirmed the error with other members. 

For anyone who is looking to view their Salary Adjustment, just go to DOE Payroll Portal.  Then, put in your DOE email and password.  Then go to the left side on the Payroll Portal main page and log into Employee Self Service by putting in DOE email and password again along with your Employee ID Number.  This number is not your File Number.  It is found on pay stubs. Ask your Payroll Secretary if not sure.

When you are finally logged in, click on Payroll Register.  The next screen should say Employee Information.  Click on Pedagogue Payroll and then there should be a few options at the bottom. Click on Salary Adjustment to see your arrears. Mine as you can see is a mess.

I have gone to the UFT website to fill out an inquiry form. I suggest everyone with any kind of issue do the same.  We will have an update when we hear their response.

2014 Notice of Salary Adjustment

2015 Salary Adjustment Notice


Anonymous said...

I commented in the previous retro payroll post. It turned out I was owed 4310.00 for this 12.5%. While I am willing to accept that number. The pages that you point out have mathematical errors on them also in my adjustments. Actually according to the math on said pages I would be owed less. It seems the 4310.00 is correct despite the errors. I have asked my union rep to get word out that members want to know what is coming in the future in exact figures. I understand that all members numbers will differ depending on when we hit salary steps, equate dates etc. We still have a right to know. The UFT news to step up and offer this to us at a minimum.

Anonymous said...

I'm an ATR with 21 years No retro payment. Called uft said they'd get back to me.

Anonymous said...

i had a bunch of double for salary owed and right underneath money was deducted. this was for $10 each about 20 times. called uft. they said print it out and make an appointment with a boro payroll secretary who can see more screen than just uft reps. will do it monday. 200 on this check equals $1600 total. too much to ignore.

Anonymous said...

When I press the Salary Adjustment Dropdown arrow, the years 2009,2010,2011,and 2012 aren't there. Any ideas? I was on paid sabbaticals in winter terms 2010 and '14 (60% pay) never off payroll

James Eterno said...

Fill out the UFT inquiry everyone and demand answers.

Anonymous said...

I filled inquiry request today. BTW, does anyone have any info on the per session retro?

Anonymous said...


Nov 2nd is the alleged per session retro..

UFT in SI told us that they can't send anyone to our building to explain the calculation of our retro or give us a "formula" just to see.

They also officially told us that since they did not take out money for the increase in the Union Dues, they charged for every pay period during the retro years and that's why some of us have increased union dues for the 10/15/2015 paycheck.

BTW, the Retro Portal did not go live until the 13th, after a bunch of us called the union and made noise about that not working for active employees.

We also noticed that the "statement" is only for this one check, not the entire retro like we were told.

Keep using that inquiry form, because they blasted it out via email after we got paid super early in the morning "Mystically"

Get your explanations from the union on how they calculated your checks so we can all compare notes.

But so far, we got nothing that "adds up" ... The Staten Island UFT office has not helped.

Bear in mind, I have noticed UFT web pages being "updated" after the fact and there are no longer any more timestamps on when those pages were updated... Hint Hint...

James Eterno said...

Huge screw-up from both UFT and DOE. Nothing new.

Anonymous said...

to anon 10/19- you can view your entire retro statement check by check if you click on the statement tab. there is some confusion over the period between 5/1/13 and 9/1/14. we got a retro payment then for the amount owed with the current numbers. now, we are getting the difference between that retro (covering only approx 1 1/2 years) and the full retro owed calculating in the 8 %. very confusing but a payroll secrtary in the s.i. office explained it very clearly over the phone.

ex. i was paid $4168 was entitled to $4210. the difference was $41.71. that was as of 3/1/2014. i got all of it. now, there is the additional 8% being added in and we only get 12/5% of the difference between the $41.71 and the new difference (sorry, don't have that figure handy). it's screwy but works.