Saturday, July 09, 2016


NYC Educator has a piece in which he nails Chalkbeat NY for their bias toward the education groups that want to privatize education.

I seldom even look at Chalkbeat these days however they do cover some education issues that nobody else is looking at at so I occasionally do pop over there. While reading their stories, I will usually be turned off by the anti-public school slant of their writing.

They do not deserve to be called anything but what they are: a biased advocacy group that is against public schools. I suggest we call them Charterbeat New York. It will show we know where they are coming from. No need to pretend we think they are an unbiased education reporting news site.

Does anyone have a better name?


reality-based educator said...

I used to call them Gotham Charter Schools, but I haven't read them in years - not since Politico NY started covering ed issues and put out the morning updates. Politico NY is so much better at ed coverage (e.g., Eliza Shapiros Eva pieces). I don't miss Gotham Charter Schools at all and know that, if not for the deform money backing them, they would long ago have gone under.

James Eterno said...

But they aren't called Gotham Schools any longer. I agree they aren't much worth reading either. Thanks for the tip on Politico NY for morning updates too.

NYC Educator said...

I also read Politico updates but don't subscribe so there is a lot I can't read. Last I heard, the subscription price was pretty high.

ed notes online said...

They have free daily update sent out later in the morning which is not in depth but pretty good.

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