Wednesday, July 06, 2016


We are often asked what the per session (overtime) pay rate is for teachers under the current contract. Below we have copied the pay rate for per session right from the contract. It is from Article 15. 

The per session pay rate is the same whether the teacher is a first year teacher or someone with 22 years experience and a Masters with 30 additional credits. I believe it is also below what the hourly rate would be for teachers if we were paid for extra time at a pro rated basis. Forget about overtime being paid at time and a half as we are not eligible for that kind of overtime. 

It is still a decent rate and since the UFT won a court case years ago to make it pensionable, per session pay is not high on the list of things that need to be fixed.

A. Rates of Pay

  1. Except as otherwise provided in 3 below, the hourly compensation of per session teachers shall be:
    Effective DateRate
    May 19, 2008$41.98
    May 1, 2013$42.40
    May 1, 2014$42.82
    May 1, 2015$44.11
    May 1, 2016$45.65
    May 1, 2017$47.73
    May 1, 2018$48.67
    June 16, 2018$50.13


Juliet M said...

I am an 18-year veteran of our schools. This past year, I worked pro rata, as did a colleague on step one of the salary schedule. I made $49.50 per hour, based on my yearly salary, and my colleague earned $31 and change. Honestly, I think per session is an insult. We should all be paid at least $50 an hour per session.

PerSession Hound said...

Are you serious? A decent rate of pay? Per session is wrong on at least two levels. One it doesn't adequately compensate teaches for the time they put in. Secondly it makes hiring additional teachers to even out the workload unnecessary and cost prohibitive. Per session is an important issue which strikes to the core of collective-bargaining. It is no accident that people fought hard for time and a half under the FLSA. Rethink what is decent.