Monday, July 04, 2016


Below are the American Arbitration Association totals for the number of votes coming from each district in the recent UFT election. This is important to look at in terms of the community districts to see where the election had a robust turnout. 

Clearly, District 24, a longtime Unity Caucus stronghold, did very well. District 75 is the special education district which is citywide. The other districts in the 70s are the high schools which we covered in a prior posting except for District 79.

I believe the numbers shown before we get to any district are the retirees and non Department of Education votes. 

I am not that familiar with the elementary and middle school districts, as my focus has been mostly on the high schools, so I would appreciate any help to enlighten me on the meaning of these district-by-district numbers. 

UFT District   Cumulative Total
00                          279
01                          293
02                          395
03                          311
04                          337
05                          288
06                          464
07                          564
08                          597
09                          582
10                          865
11                          798
12                          486
13                          197
14                          368
15                          700
16                          275
17                          310
18                          446
19                          513
20                         1292  
21                           756
22                           853
23                           242
24                         1621
25                           765
26                           576
27                           663
28                           492
29                            660 
30                            806
31                           1636  
32                             241
71                             683         
72                             594 
73                             729
75                           2464                                                                      
76                             984
77                            1712                                                                                
79                              371 
84                                47
88                                 29
Total                       52,902


Bennett Fischer said...

I learned during the election that all D75 ballots are marked and counted in the Functional Division, even those that are sent to teachers (which in my school makes up about 50% of the UFT membership). This is true regardless of whether the school is elementary, K-8, middle, or high school.

I inquired with the UFT election committee about this and Amy Arundell responded that because the DOE does not designate D75 schools by level, for the purposes of the UFT election only, D75 schools receive ballots for the Functional Division.

I have no idea if that has any significance in determining the outcome of UFT elections; whether splitting the D75 vote among Functional, Elementary, Middle School, or High School divisions would have helped or hurt MORE/New Action, but I think it’s interesting and deserves some further analysis.

ed notes online said...

We need to get s rough count of number of k-8 schools per district. Unity knows where it has strength and can also hold their own people accountable for poor turnouts. We can also check to see where those 220 Unity CLs are running from to see if they brought out the vote.
MORE should do the same where it has people.

ed notes online said...

what is district 00?

Anonymous said...

Not that it means anything at all, but I do wonder about those Central Brooklyn districts that posts some of the lowest returns. In those Brooklyn districts you have more teachers of color working and the most charter schools. You probably can find more ATRs floating around in those districts as well. Never mind, just wondering out loud.

Bronx Teacher said...

Norm, 00 is code when Kirk wishes to blow up the Enterprise.

James, the numbers look good for my district, 7, but to truly analyze (for any district)it would help to know the percentage of teachers for each district, as well as totals for each school. I know I hit almost every elementary school in D7. I would hope that had affected the turnout.

Jonathan said...

This might help: DoE unaudited attendance by district

I'll pull together some analysis as well.


ed notes online said...

Central Brooklyn - Dist 13, 16, 17, 23 plus Harlem - Dist 5 - has the highest concentration of black teachers - a legacy of the old district community boards. Many chap ldrs are Unity - I would say the largest contingent of teachers of color at the AFT conventions are from those districts. Check the list of Unity CLs who ran on the slate.
Dist 5 has 7 Unity CLs, Dist 13 - 3, Dist 16 - 10, Dist 17 - 6, Dist 23 - 6.
Now look at the big Unity turnout dist - 24 - there are 13 CLs running - and 31 - 7.
They were very motivated to get out the vote.
Dist 15 only has 3 Unity running but MORE has some people there - the high totals there would be MORE votes.

James Eterno said...

Credit to MORE's operation in District 15 then. Isn't that where people such as 2013 MORE presidential candidate Julie Cavanagh and 2016 elementary VP candidate Lauren Cohen are from?

Jonathan said...

Quick analysis (based on size of the district

Best turnout by District: 7, 16, 18, 24, 31

Worst by District: 2 and 13, in their own category, trailed by 3, 9, 10, 17, 27 and 28.

Districts vary widely in size. Districts 2, 10, 20, 24 and 31 all have over 50,000 students each. Districts 1, 4, 5, 16 and 23 all have fewer than 10,000 students each.

James Eterno said...

Thank you for doing this analysis Jonathan.

Anonymous said...

So District 7 turned out. Isn't that where Peter Zucker is? Good job Peter.