Monday, September 05, 2016


For the 2015-16 school year, student test scores were supposed to account for 40% of the annual rating for high school teachers in New York with the other 60% based on observations. Teachers at the elementary and middle school level had the Common Core tests removed from their ratings altogether. However, this little clause in the New York City Department of Education's Advance Overall Ratings Guide means student test grades actually account for 100% of the rating for some teachers:

*NOTE: According to NYCDOE’s New York State Education Department-approved APPR Plan, if a teacher is rated Ineffective for both State and Local MOSLs, s/he will receive an Advance Overall Rating of Ineffective. 

I saw this actually happen this year with a teacher who scored more points than needed to avoid an ineffective rating but because of the ridiculous use of a discredited growth model for student test scores on totally unreliable/invalid tests that didn't count for anything for students, the teacher has been rated ineffective overall. How can anyone let this happen?

65-74 total points should equal a developing rating.
75-89 total points should equal an effective rating.

If the teacher only gets 12 points out of a possible 20 points on the state testing part of Measures of Student Learning and only scores 12 points out of a possible 20 points on the local part, the teacher automatically receives an ineffective rating.

Therefore, test scores count for 100% of the rating for some teachers.

A union worth anything would be out on the streets before they would let one person be rated ineffective based on this absurd, highly flawed evaluation system.

I think if the UFT shirks its responsibility to these teachers, it is time for someone on their own to do a follow-up to the Sheri Lederman lawsuit where a judge has already thrown out a ridiculous rating under this awful state law that the UFT supported.


Anonymous said...

Instead they are on Eastern Parkway at a parade, where our students are shooting and getting shot. But they are all good kids.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a crap what the union does on a holiday? They don't support us all year long.

Anonymous said...

I feel for those teachers. There but for the grace of God go any of us.

Anonymous said...

Poor teachers. Sadly, while the UFT claims the benefits of removing tests from evaluations, many teachers still are still graded at least 40% on test scores. Far from helping teachers by removing the 3-8 test scores, one colleague had their rating downgraded from Effective to Developing because the tests were removed from their evaluation score!

Anonymous said...

Would you want your rating subject to kids scores who almost never show up for class? Some system.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget that if you teach instrumental music, your rating is based on test scores of your students from OTHER SUBECTS. How stupid is that?

James Eterno said...

The whole evaluation system is stupid.

Annoymous said...

This is lousy for teachers. I'm a secretary and I see how some of the kids act in the office, halls and at lunch. I can't even imagine what some teachers have to go through on a daily basis. How can the UFT let this happen? Mulgrew has to be getting his palms greased in order to accept everything that's happening. The UFT hasn't fought one thing. Years and years ago the UFT, when it was really a union, would be out picketing every time something wrong with the school system was going on. Mulgrew has a third salary for going against union members. UFT members need to kick his ass to the curb. UFT members need to unite and find a way to get him out. What the hell did Randi do to the union?