Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The latest report by NYC Educator from the Executive Board leaves me more than a little bit baffled about what the UFT/NYSUT are doing to move forward a pro-teacher agenda in Albany.

Remember two years ago when defeating the Republicans in the New York State Senate was the most important campaign ever for the Union. The Democrats lost and then in 2015 newly reelected Governor Andrew Cuomo, along with the Republicans majority in the Senate and the feckless Democrats in the Assembly responded with the anti-union, anti-public school Education Transformation Act.

New York State United Teachers is now rewarding the Republican Senate Campaign Committee with over $100,000 in 2016. UFT Political Director Paul Egan on Monday told the Executive Board that 35% of the NYSUT membership are Republicans so I guess they aren't the enemy any longer.

I would like to know what the Republican caucus in Albany has done to help public schools and specifically public school teachers in the last few years so that they deserve our financial support? I concede that the Democrats haven't done much for us either but giving money to  the Republican caucus led by Senator John Flanagan strikes me as not being the smartest political move in the world. I would support his opponent Peter Magistrale as the Port Jefferson Teachers Association is doing.

Nothing of any substance is changing at the city or state level and yet we are as complacent a union as I have ever seen. The question is why?

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Anonymous said...

Who saw what that piece of shit, anti semetic principal, Rushell White did? Check rubberroomreporter...And still has her $150K a year.