Wednesday, February 08, 2017


As usual, I apologize in advance for errors since doing this from a smartphone is kind of difficult.

I was late. When I came in the president was speaking.

President's Report
President Michael Mulgrew was talking about the public school proud campaign.

Betsy DeVos was the next topic discussed. Trying to protect state and city first. Everything is on the line. We will have a tough time in Albany. Republican funders don't want charter school transparency.

Assembly wants full CFE funding. Republican Senator John Flanagan, only NY official to support DeVos, has come out against constitutional convention.

Lobby day coming in March.

Contracts for Excellence (Foundation Aid)
Governor has a proposal. Some of it is good but much is not. NYC funding schools properly as per law. Mayor has done great job on funding.

Constitutional Convention
Commercials in favor are good. We have a new talking point. There will be a constitutional change without a convention: pension forfeiture amendment. If public officials are convicted of a crime, they will lose pension. Passed last year and will pass this year and will then go to voters. Don't need a convention for this. Much cheaper this way.

Mayor positive on education. DOE legal a little better. Office of Labor Relations, we are fighting three important grievances. One is on paperwork. Another concerns teachers forced to teach six classes (one during professional period). Grieving not just for one school. Must be vigilant on these issues. Cafeteria duty gone in 1995 with Circular 6. Concern because DOE is fighting to allow teaching a regular class and grading it during c6 period.

Proud at AFT. UFT showing people how to do public school proud campaign nationally.

People know DeVos unqualified. Must drive campaign. Must bring energy nationally.

Staff Director's Report
Leroy Barr gave some dates of upcoming events. Many events coming.

Next DA is March 22.

Question on endorsements. How to involve members?
Mulgrew Answer: Up to NYSUT statewide and AFT nationally. Locally we involve politically active people to make recommendations.

Q Rally opposing Betsy DeVos?
A Must wait to see what she does first.

Q What do we do when principals don't want to deal with us?
A It is a contractual obligation to deal with chapter leader.

Q Paras still doing lunch duties?
A Superintendents interpreted rules wrong. Let DR know.

Q National right to work law?
A We believe we will all be right to work at some point. Many legal and political people looking at this. AFL-CIO looking at ways to attack it but I believe it will happen. Elections matter.

Q Charter schools use space utilization to get into schools. Can we get more construction?
A Schools don't fall under OSHA regulations but mayor has upped seats in capital plan. Some districts gaining kids while others are not. Need to build in right places. Attacking charter schools coming in to co-locate by battling DeVos plan.

Q Need jingle on public school proud?
A Want to move with public school proud. No problem with jingle.

New Motion Period
Motion on immigration to proactively protect kids after chancellor's letter which was vague.

It failed but Mulgrew said he would get a report to exec bd. We have done 11 resolutions since 2003 on immigration.

Motion to oppose judge Gorsuch for US Supreme Court. Seat was stolen. Unity person motivated it

Unity's Carmen Alvarez spoke against saying it would not build unity. It failed.

Special Orders of Business
Endorse Bill Perkins for City Council. It passed.

Mel Aaronson endorsed Tom Brown for Teachers Retirement Board. It carried unanimously.

Resolution on undocumented students not being deported. It passed.

Resolution to support De Blasio for reelection.
Leroy Barr motivated it. Committee met and discussed endorsement. Endorse Democrat.  Some unions have already endorsed de Blasio. Want to be in at the start to have weight. De Blasio not perfect but 20 years prior were worse. Have a contract. Recommend people on committee speak.

There were a bunch of speakers in favor and one against. Mulgrew left chair to speak. Leroy Barr took the chair. I called for a point of order after he called on yet another Unity rep before he could call to end debate. Leroy denied it of course but I knew I was right. I appealed but it did not matter as he just moved on and didn't even bother to listen to the appeal.

The Delegates voted overwhelmingly to endorse de Blasio and then out he came to address the DA.

That's all for me today. I tried again guys.

Enjoy the snow day!


Anonymous said...

Hear what uft said? Endorse de blasio because we have a contract. Who cares what type of contract...

Anonymous said...

Kiss of Death endorsement.

See anti de Blasio UFT Facebook

Anonymous said...

Secretary DeVos is the greatest news of the week. Private, Religious and Charter schools will receive additional funding . Judge Gurluch when seated will definitely support the removal of mandatory union dues. This will be great for all teachers who can keep those union dues and find solace that the bloated and ineffective UFT will be reduced to oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Endorsed De Blasio for one term mayor!

Bennett Fischer said...

Thanks for trying once again James. De Blasio gets the UFT endorsement, and we get a snow day. We should have held out for the 5% raise.

James Eterno said...

So true Bennett. I predicted in class today that we would get the snow day because it is an election year. The kids got all happy. Nice to be right.

Mota said...

I like your comment. Perhaps it is the most deserved mode to punish the Union Cartels .

Anonymous said...

Where is the uproar over the 4 observations? This is THE STICKING POINT right now for the teachers at my school. We are furious that we are not getting 2 observations like the rest of NYS. How do we lobby the UFT to get us 2 observations by September?