Saturday, May 11, 2019


New York State United Teachers at their annual convention last week unanimously passed a special order of business to give the New York State Board of Regents six months to correct the flawed state tests.

From the NYSUT Weekly Leader Briefing:

In a sharp rebuke, delegates at the NYSUT Representative Assembly unanimously called on the state Board of Regents to direct Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia to fix the state's broken standardized testing system within the next six months

In the first RA since anti-union forces attempted — but failed — to use the U.S. Supreme Court to destroy the labor movement, leaders urged delegates to continue the fight for their rights.
Two questions:

1-Is NYSUT actually going to do something aggressive on testing or is this just NYSUT trying to pretend militancy in the age of Janus where members can leave their unions and are no longer forced to pay any fair share-agency fees?

2-Considering NYSUT has been well ahead of the UFT on the testing issue, will the UFT bluster about testing publicly but behind the scenes wink and nod while nothing of any substance is changed on testing?

I support the concept of the Correct the Tests campaign from NYSUT. Let's see what happens.


Anonymous said...

BORING! They need to push for a complete repeal of our current evaluation law and give total control to local districts.

Anonymous said...

The Danielson observation rubric has to go. It punishes teachers for teaching, as low functioning students are often required to "teach each other" for the teacher to
be rated "effective." The result is that little if any learning occurs in the classroom.

Anonymous said...

another de blasio special...

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Mother's Day means we need to do more to protect pregnant women, especially Black mothers.

Anonymous said...

Just another reason to opt out of the shiitty union. What are they doing about it?

James Eterno said...

How will that make it better? It won't.