Wednesday, June 12, 2019


I found some interesting news on the 2020 presidential campaign.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew is attempting to open up the Democratic presidential candidates' debates to two New Yorkers running for President. I saw this from Mulgrew on MORE's Facebook page.

Two New Yorkers--Mayor Bill de Blasio and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand--have met the polling threshold. But both struggled with their number of small donors. Gillibrand cleared the donor threshold this weekend, but more is always better. De Blasio continues to need support. Wednesday, June 12 is the deadline for contributions. 

As the largest local in New York State, we want to do our part to make sure New York voices are in the mix.

If you are interested in helping keep the field as wide as possible for as long as possible, please consider contributing a few dollars.

Donate to Bill de Blasio

Donate to Kirsten Gillibrand

See a more detailed list of candidates and contribution resources

Read about the AFT endorsement process


Michael Mulgrew
UFT President 

(Links to the cites were not included in the posting of the message.)

What can I say? The sucking up to Mayor de Blasio knows no end it seems. And what are we getting for the UFT sycophancy?

Meanwhile, we have learned that Elizabeth Warren has hired a Teach for America (generally anti-union) alum as her education advisor.

From Mercedes Schneider's post on this topic:

According to his Linkedin bio, Joshua Delaney is Democratic presidential hopeful, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s, senior education policy advisor. He describes his job as follows:

Advise United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on all matters pertaining to early, elementary, secondary, and higher education, including college affordability and student loan debt.

“Advise… on all matters pertaining to early, elementary, secondary, and higher education.” That’s quite a responsibility. No problem: Delaney has put in his two years (2011-13) as a Teach for America (TFA) temp teacher as a “ninth-grade special education algebra co-teacher..."
Further down:

And so, this is who is in Elizabeth Warren’s ear advising her on All Things Education:

A former TFAer who rode in on the ed policy express.

Warren has yet to crystallize her position on K12 education. She publicly supported Bernie Sanders’ nebulous, loaded statement against “for-profit charter schools” and said that” pubic tax dollars should stay in our public schools.”

Does this mean that she is fine with nonprofit charter schools? What about nonprofit charter schools with for-profit management? Does Warren consider charter schools to be “public” schools since they take public money?

Warren’s campaign website offers no specifics on her K12 education position.

She's rising in the polls but is she on the side of public school teachers?


Anonymous said...

Donate to Bernie, not those two bozos. Mulgrew must be brain damaged

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

Wow, he didn’t even have his own classroom. Well, as long as The candidate herself is anti-life I guess she’s OK

Anonymous said...

Mulgrew will never stop the constant suckle on the teat of DeBlasio. Makes me sick to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

In 21 years as a NYC teacher, I have seen more of my colleagues brought up on 3020a charges in the past 5 years (under Deblasio) than the previous 16 years under Giuliani/Bloomberg, and Mulgrew wants members to donate to him? Deblasio is an incompetent disaster, and is very anti-teacher.

Pogue said...

Bernie and Tulsi all the way. They don't take corporate money and they are the most pro union. We need to stop looking for candidates with phony "teacher promises" and pay close attention to strong, pro-all-unions candidates. The UFT Leadership currently follows and does not lead. They will feel more safe and comfortable with their voice when all unions are given more power. Bernie Sanders is not a phony, "put on my soft walking shoes" candidate. he is actually showing up and standing up for workers. And, as Norm Scott says, "Watch what they do and not what they say." Let's not get fooled again.

If they're taking corporate money, then they're full of crap and paying lip service. Warren says she will forego corporate donations for the primary, but the not the general. That's BS.

Anonymous said...

Something about Warren I do not trust. Her surrogates are attacking Ravitch. Put up the red flag. Nobody stands up for public ed like Diane.

Anon2323 said...

omgggggg his hand is so far up Diblasio ass! The worst two candidates out of the disgustingly poor dem field. Diblasio is the absolute worst in everything he does. Great job missing the puerto rican day parade to go to Iowa so 5 people can come support you. Incredible job going to Germany when you were supposed to swear in 500 police officers.

I rather have loony AOC as mayor or senator which says a lot about this disgrace and corrupt state we live in.

Please do not get me started on how pathetic of a governor Cuomo is!

Need good old fashion law and order here

Anonymous said...

Fix this. The racial disparity of different cohorts and according to the 2017 State test in Math,the racial breakdown for students who achieved the highest scores (level 4) was as follows. Asians (52%), Whites (28%), Hispanics (17%), and Blacks (6%). Why is there such a disparity between racial cohorts?

Anonymous said...

De Blasio made the debate. Thank you Mulgrew. We are supporting the laughingstock of a mayor. Why?

Anonymous said...

The DNC tried to push Beto first... they failed miserably.

Then they pushed Buttigieg, no substance and they failed.

Then they pushed Harris, no luck at all with the cop.

Then they pushed Biden, his record is public...

Now Warren...

When will the DNC give up this BS?