Monday, August 26, 2019

ARE ATRs BEING PERMANENTLY PLACED? (Updated that ATRs are not being Permanently Placed)

Francisco Portelos sent this out this morning on Facebook.

I just spoke to the principal of the school that SESIS states I'm going to. He just informed me that ATRs are being permanently placed so I am permanently placed as a science teacher in his school. They are matching vacancies with ATRs but no longer provisional. Permanent.

We have also seen full 100% subsidies for certain schools who hire ATRs to pay their salaries. The central DOE will pick up the cost of the teacher for as long as she/he stays at that particular school according to what was sent to us.

Is there any further clarification on ATR placements?  We have seen very little officially coming from the UFT or DOE.

Update with apologies to anyone who had their hopes raised by what we were reading on Facebook and posted here.

We asked for clarification and we got it. Our friend South Bronx School has put up a detailed and credible piece on ATR placements for 2019-20.  It seems that little has changed for ATRs.

Here is much of his post minus the personal insults:

Instead of waiting until October 15 to fill a vacancy you can now fill a vacancy on the first day of school. We knew that. Fact is a fact jack.

Yes, SESIS is a good indicator of where you will wind up but it is prone to inaccuracies. Remember your email is what is official.

NOTHING has been changed where ATRs can be placed. The DOE can always place you in a permanent position you in district. But they have yet to do so. Which renders the following statement moot:

 He just informed me that ATRs are being permanently placed so I am permanently placed as a science teacher in his school...

We can't confirm, but Central has told principals that if they want someone specific, they must hire that person.

Rotations are still possible. You can be at your school a week, a month, several months, or the year.

No field supervisors. Principals will rate you.

You will be rated under S/U unless you are in an official position for 6+ months.

The 100% subsidies are for special situations, like obscure licenses. If there is a steno teacher, or a Merengue teacher, or something like that who won't or can't get a permanent position then the DOE will pay for those people. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds good until you get force placed in a shitty school.

Anonymous said...

When this article refers to permanent, is it for the year or permanently placed?

Anonymous said...

Since there are so many shitty schools there is a good chance of that.

Pete Zucker said...

As usual, Portelos is wrong again. Does it ever end?

James Eterno said...

Updated article with South Bronx School piece. Very sad situation apparently not changing.

Anonymous said...

portelos is right.... perm as long as you stay at school
Pick and choose your battles and watch it play out. totally not a unity person here....
under this you are no longer an ATR ... very interesting development

Anonymous said...

well all the atrs cried about being atrs and treated differently from appointed teachers.
welcome to our world.
And no i didn't pick this school
i was assigned it way back when
so i don't want to hear that excuse either.