Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fun Fact-Finding Facts

by Sam Lazarus, Chapter Leader, Bryant High School

Do you know that if the fact-finders report is accepted by our union that you work day will be a bit different?

Here's why:

-         You will come into work to do new and interesting tasks.  It could be a clerical job in the attendance office; it could be hall patrol or cafeteria duty.  An imaginative principal could come up with even more interesting ideas.

-         You will be told to cover yet another class, one of 12 for which you will receive no pay-nothing like unpaid labor to help build one's enthusiasm for the job.

-         You will deliver small group instruction to small groups of students every day for 30 minutes which is only 10 minutes added onto the 20 minutes which was in the last contract.  Some of you might detect a pattern here.

-         With all this new activity, it is important to keep smiling and to watch one's step because now a supervisor can place a disciplinary letter in your file without any possibility for you to grieve it.  Here too, creative principals might feel free to use their imagination while putting pen to paper.

-         Equally important is for one to be happy in one's school because with the elimination of seniority transfers you can be assured of being in the same school for your entire career.

We can have all these changes just by accepting the fact-finders report


WE CAN SAY NO TO THE FACT FINDERS REPORT, say no to longer days, longer years, more work, and less respect.  We can send the message that each one of these provisions is unacceptable and stand up as union members for our profession and for our dignity.

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