Friday, September 30, 2005

Let's Get the Petition Signed

It is clear that momentum against using the fact-finding as a “vehicle” is building. As teachers learn about the full nature of the givebacks contemplated reaction is varies from complete disbelief to pure anger. How dare the City attempt to bust our Union? How dare the Union not wage a full and total campaign against this document?

Many of our members who have voiced their anger and frustration at accepting any part of this fact-finding have been called a variety of names. Some, incredible as it may seem, have been called “anti-union.” There have been incidents where members expressing a different point of view than our leadership have been prevented from distributing leaflets and gathering signatures on a petition call for a vote of the membership to determine whether the membership wants to use the fact-finding as a vehicle.

Our Union is large. So large that we have not had a general membership meeting in years. Our policy making body, the Delegate Assembly, contains numerous voting members who will not work in schools under the provisions we use as a “vehicle.” The DA contains retirees and a network of dues paid members who clearly present a conflict of interest when they vote on contract issues.

As a result the Delegate Assembly can be manipulated by the leadership to follow no matter where the leadership says to go. Any dissension is met with clear violations of the Union’s constitution which dictate how all Union meetings must run. It is beyond cavil that these rules be followed to protect the free exchange of ideas. Yet, in a startling admission at the last Executive Board meeting our Secretary, Michael Mendel, in consultation with our President, Randi Weingarten, determined that these rules need not be followed because they actually “discourage” debate.

We are at a crossroads. The Mayor knows it. Our leadership knows it. And a good percentage of our membership knows it.

Let’s get the petition signed and deliver a clear message to our leaders…you are out of step with the members who work day in and day out teaching the children of this City. Don’t destroy what it took 40 years to build.


Anonymous said...

What happened with yesterday's negotiations? How come it isn't mentioned on the UFT website or on their blog?

Anonymous said...

The new contract that Randi and the mayor agreed to sucks big time. She has screwed us and we need to reject this pathetic contract.

I wonder how much the mayor paid Randi to surrender.

John Doe said...

At first they say the contract maintained "the "union's core values" and that teacher's retained due recourse. That was a big lie . Tell me, why does Bloomie/Klein insist on this ?

With their Jack Welch style mgt. in place, it's obvious that this will be used to kill teacher careers in the near future. This is being painted as giving principals the power - but the power to do what?
When you figure all we're giving back, that 15 % is not nearly enough. Vote NO, and possibly accomplish 2 things at once. We'll keep our current contract with no givebacks, AND maybe we'll get Weingarten to resign.

Apapercut said...

The contract proposal is a slap in the face!

When our union lets two contract negotiations drag on for two years plus, we need to change our leadership. How can you successfully negotiate a true "pay raise" for time and services you have already supplied?

BTW people need to contact the media and correct them on the usage of the term "pay raise," more money for more time is not a raise. (Sorry for preaching to the choir.)

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