Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Who Runs Our Union?

It’s not difficult keeping the faithful in line.

Last night, in an unprecedented disregard for union democracy Randi Weingarten rammed a resolution through the Delegate Assembly which gives tacit support to the most anti-union fact-finding report ever offered to New York City teachers.

You know, I’m not even angry by the rulings of a parliamentarian that demonstrates either a complete lack of knowledge of established rules to run a meeting or a conscious decision to provide erroneous legal advice for the purpose of manipulating our Delegates.

You know, I’m not even angry by full time Union trough-feeders who double dip their income with our dues and tax dollars and won’t work under this proposal and try to scare delegates into believing that only by using this fact-finding report as a vehicle will the world be safe and our Union will be saved.

You know, I’m not even angry by the multitudes of retired members waving their voting cards and contributing their precious votes to a decision that only currently working members will live under.

So, how can this be?

She can’t control the membership.

We can sing Solidarity Forever. We can accuse those who attempt to permit a free exchange of opinion of being divisive. We can try to scare the living hell out of members.

But we can’t convince our members that the fact-finding report is the basis of anything other than the recycle bin.

There is little doubt in my mind that the resolution that passed last night will do nothing to ensure that our teachers will be allowed to teach, that we will receive a salary that, at least, keeps pace with inflation, and that we won’t be forced to giveback most of the power our Union has in the schools.

So, why am I not angry?

Because we have 120,000 voting members.


File #4----- said...

One teacher's opinion: A strike would be a major mistake. A majority of teachers will not support it. In fact, we'd be playing right into Mayor Doomberg's hands. BAD PLAN!

Anonymous said...

This reads just like the NY Post article/editorial today. Go Murdoch!

john lawhead said...

Dear New York Post Reader:

The only Post article on the D.A. was mostly made up of quotes from Weingarten. It had a single line with a teacher calling the resolution a "sell-out."

Dditorial today? Are you reading back issues?

Anonymous said...

Exactly, that's why this is an example of union democracy, not a disregard for union democracy. Yes, let the members decide. We have agreement on what we're going to do in the short-term and then it will come back to the membership. That's democracy the last time I looked.

Anonymous said...

perhaps you want to look over roberts rules of order and follow them at the next meeting hmm?

A Point of Information is not just to interrupt the person who is speaking for example.

Anonymous said...

It looks as though the Unity hacks are going to the ICE blog to defend a vote on a fact finding report that will most likely lead to the worst contract in UFT history. Have they no shame?

John Doe said...

When you calculate total time increase ( 4.4% ) with total yearly pay increase ( 3.75 % ) - we're getting screwed on money.


THEN to remove our grievance rights in a mgt. hierarchy which has adopted JACK WELCH OF ALL PEOPLE AS A GURU !!!

We are getting SCREWED BIGTIME HERE !!!

We're walking into a professioanl Auschwitz if we ratify this contract. ! VOTE NO!! Keep what you have, vote Ferrer, and get rid of "RANDI" - that Smiling Jack of a con artist.