Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We, At ICE, Leave the Comments to You!


Statement by Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers, On Sen. McCain’s Comments on Education Reform to National Urban League

“Sen. McCain clearly has his talking points down about education, but we’re still waiting to see any comprehensive plan. This follows his more than a quarter-century in Congress without showing interest or initiating policy to help public education. Contrast this with the record of Sen. Obama, who has stood for strong education policies and shown a genuine interest in working with teachers to help reform education in constructive ways.

“Sen. McCain’s naiveté about education reform is only as stunning as his hypocrisy. He takes a cheap shot by demonizing teachers, yet lauds the very education reforms that I collaborated on with his new best friends, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and School Chancellor Joel Klein. (bold added by ICE)

“As the new AFT president, I will continue to work with others on education reforms that are good for students and fair to teachers. But I will not shy away from criticizing anyone, including McCain, who would rather pick fights with—rather than support—those who work with children every day and who know what works in the classroom.”


Janet Bass




Anonymous said...

Randi can talk out of so many sides of her mouth that one really never knows what she means. The Contracts she signed giving away our rights proves where she reallystands: right alongside Bloomberg and Klein.

Anonymous said...

4 out of 5 teachers don't vote in UFT elections and then they wonder why things are so bad in the classroom when they have a union leader who embodies hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

More from Randi on collaboration with Bloom-Klein. This time the issue is safety in the schools which now have lowered crime dramatically according to statistics. Do you believe these numbers?

“Parents need to know that their children’s schools are safe, and I am impressed by what we and the Administration have been able to accomplish through collaboration,” said United Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten. “Now, we must continue our efforts to make every classroom a learning environment free from disruption, and that means strict enforcement of school discipline codes.”

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Randi, for your honesty.

Anonymous said...

Randi is such an asshole!

Sincerely Randi we meant it

All of the people that your dues harvesting operation afects

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It can never be productive to"curse the darkness". We need to "light more candles" and so respectfully lead the way towards positive change for our educational environment. The deeper the darkness, the more our light will be seen. Let us not give up, for in the end light and truth shall prevail and we will turn this education system around for the betterment of our teachers, who work diligently to educate our children.

Anonymous said...

It's sad how we pay Union dues and do not get represented or even half-heartedly protected from the systems injustices.
The powers that be have all the power while those who actually do the work to educate and help students get scapegoated for all the problems.
The Union does very little to help their own members who are paying their salaries. It's a very depressing and disgusting scenario. It's hard to tell who the actual enemy is nowadays!

Anonymous said...

Please vote and really encourage others to vote in the next Union election. That is the only way change can take place.

Anonymous said...

Norm is right; start serving vichysoise at the Executive Board for the collaborators.

Anonymous said...

It is ironical to say that our union is a strong union, a strong one for itself, not for the members. My wife’s union does not seem to be as strong, she pays only ¼ of our dues, but gets pretty similar benefits, and her union is more focused on its core mission. Our union like a conglomerate deviates from its core task of protecting its members, our dues are getting lost for all these personal agendas.

Earle said...

I am not a part of ICE or TJC. I am Unity's worst nightmare: a free-thinking teacher who is fed up with sellouts and givebacks.