Saturday, January 09, 2010

Save our Schools Fight Continues

In case you have been wondering what we have been doing lately, we are fighting with every ounce of energy we have to try to save 22 schools slated for phase out including Jamaica High School where I am the Chapter Leader. Please join us by emaling the Chancellor and the members of the Panel for Educational Policy. The final decisions will be made on January 26,2010 at Brooklyn Tech.



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Gotham Schools

Ed Notes from Beach Channel, Jamaica and Columbus

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The rally


Anonymous said...

James, "Jamaica High School and the other schools slated for phase out"?!?! Screw you, why not "Robeson High School, 332 and the other schools slated for phase out"?

Why do you perceive yourself to be so important that Jamaica HS is the end all and be all? The other 21 schools are just as important and shouldn't be regularly reduced to "and the others" here on this site. It's insulting, the DOE is doing all of these schools wrong.

Aren't you running for the UFT Presidency as an ICE candidate? Aren't you capable of putting your own selfish needs aside? Haven't you seen the other comments left in your previous post?

Being that we already know that you work at Jamaica HS and that you are running for UFT president, 22 schools are being targetted, why is Jamaica your sole focus on this blog? Aren't you capable of looking at the bigger picture? Why are the other schools regulary designated as "and others"?

Anonymous said...

What about Maxwell High School? I graduated from Maxwell in 1997.

Anonymous said...

Why nothing about the High School for Community Research and Learning?

james said...

I have a simple answer for the first anonymous. I am the Chapter Leader at Jamaica so that's what I know most about and can describe completely. Also, people want to know what I have been doing during this campaign season. If elected UFT president, we would take the same grassroots fighting spirit we have at Jamaica citywide. I am not trying to offend people at other closing schools. We've all been subject to a great injustice.

I fully support all of the schools slated for closing and I am going to schools that I can get to in order to show support.

I went to Beach Channel last week and I will be going to Business and Tech this week. If I can, I'll go to Norman Thomas also.

Three of us from Jamaica went to the PEP meeting last month in the Bronx where we fully supported the Columbus people. We support UFT members at Robeson also.

Get me the information on rallies at different schools and I will post it.

If you are that sensitive to my "Jamacacentric view" of the schools,I am truly sorry. It's only posted that way because our fight at Jamaica is an example of how an ICE-TJC leadership would defend all of its schools.

Anonymous said...

"I fully support all of the schools slated for closing and I am going to schools that I can get to in order to show support."

You support them closing the other schools?!?!

Anonymous said...

That last comment is just plain dumb.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous Sunday 10th.

Stop complaining about the great job James is doing. Why don't YOU & the other Unity ufts go tho all the protests?

Great job James!!