Sunday, June 16, 2013


Long Island Principal Carol Burris has examined Commissioner John King's ruling on NYC teacher evaluations and found it does not follow the law.

According to the analysis Burris did, a teacher can be rated effective on the two testing components, effective on the observations (other measures) and still receive an overall ineffective rating. 9 + 9 + 45 = 63!  9, 9 and 45 are all effective scores but a teacher needs 65 overall points to receive a grade of developing and avoid an annual ineffective (equal to unsatisfactory) rating.

Next year teachers will be rated highly effective, effective, developing or ineffective instead of the current satisfactory or unsatisfactory.  Two annual ineffective ratings in a row and there is a presumption of incompetence which will mean teachers will then be guilty until proven innocent when the DOE goes for termination.

Everyone needs to read the June 15 piece on Diane Ravitch's fantastic blog as this is unbelievable.

Where is the UFT on this?  It looks like they are too busy praising Dr. King's new evaluation system to have noticed any flaws.  UFT President Michael Mulgrew said: "The commissioner's plan is professional and fair and is designed to help teachers improve their skills throughout their careers."

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GeoKaro said...

The scenario you described is already happening, as the Buffalo Teachers Federation has documented in their announcement of their "APPR offensive."

This flawed equation and other factors are why the Buffalo Teachers Federation are taking their school district to court to fight the evaluation system.

Where's the UFT's lawsuit? Oh, they cheered for this imposed system.