Monday, June 17, 2013


The Regents marking started today with many social studies teachers from a number of schools being sent to Cardozo High School for all day marking of global history and US history tests on computer. Social studies teachers from around the city are being sent to selected schools to score exams. A private company was to have scanned all of the exams that students took last week onto computers by now.

This morning there was a problem after we marked for a couple of hours.  By 11:00 am there were no exams left to grade and we have once again been sent back to our home schools. It appears many of the exams have not been uploaded yet into the system.

Who said this would be a more efficient system for marking regents exams?

Perhaps it is time for teachers to count our miles for gas and ask the mayor for some reimbursement. At least he can give us metro-cards for our troubles so we can find buses or trains to take us back and forth between our home schools and these testing centers if there is going to be all of this down time this week while they iron out the kinks in this system.

I feel my carbon footprint growing  Mr. Mayor.

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