Thursday, June 20, 2013


We actually graded papers for most of the day today in social studies Regents marking at Cardozo.  It wasn't until after 1:00 pm that the machines said no more papers.

We had less time to sit around today waiting for more papers to be ready to score than on any of the previous days.

Also, the Daily News has finally noticed this latest DOE testing boondoggle.  A Post reporter also talked to me but he didn't seem that interested. My colleague Marc Epstein who has been lucky enough to be spared from this experience, has also written about it at Huffington.

Today was the day when scoring was supposed to finish for the two history exams.

Instead, we are being called back for tomorrow and some people will be working all weekend to try to catch up and complete the scoring.  Meanwhile, my work back at Jamaica is backing up, including attempting to prepare for the John King imposed new evaluation system.

The DOE has had over a week to try to straighten out this mess. It didn't take us this long to grade the papers in the schools before this latest Meryl Ticsch, Chancellor of the NYS Board of Regents, directed boondoggle.

Once again I repeat that it is unconscionable when kids lose out because of adult mistakes.

We will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a grand old time twiddling your thumbs.

ak11357 said...

Today we were grading Geometry Regents at a local queens high school. The test was given yesterday morning. They should have picked picked up yesterday afternoon or evening. They started picking them up this morning. We must have had 50 teachers wiating around until 2 PM in the afternoon when the tests finally arrived. Not much scoring done today since we left at 3PM. Have to be completed by tomorrow. Great planning today by the DOE

Anonymous said...

Why are teachers participating? Why is not every one of you walking out, sitting down, linking arms and blocking all who collaborate in destruction from entering the so-called schools?

Anonymous said...

When we walked out last year they fired a bunch of us. I have bills to pay.

Anonymous said...

I too have lots of bills. I walked the walk during my sadly truncated teaching career. From very early on I pleaded with my colleagues to shut down every school building. I advocated padlocking every entrance to every school building. Years later, as I watched colleagues develop diabetes, cancer and heart disease; as I learned of teacher deaths, divorces, mental distress, as I developed serious physical problems, I asked colleagues to join me in a hunger strike.

No one did anything for herself or himself. They complained and sometimes wrote opinions or analyses, maybe blogs.

12 years ago and now: if thousands of you do what US citiizens once did . . . and what Mexicans and British are doing (strike en masse, stop traffic and commerce, RESIST in your thousands), then the hell your employer and union create for you ends.

Anonymous said...

I agree; well said

Anonymous said...

one more thing - not one of the 2000 atrs has been called to grade - another gigantic huge tremendous waste of the atrs - but there is no way in the hell that they have made of my life that I would show up to "volunteer" to grade- i am going to enjoy the show - I just feel sooooo bad for the kids but the DOE doesn't so oh well

Anonymous said...

I agree. Very well said!