Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I went  to Jamaica High School this morning (my regular school) hoping that there would be no more Regents grading.  However when I arrived at school, there was another important email from the Department of Education directing me to go to Cardozo High School to continue scoring the Regents in Global History.

I cleared up one of the many responsibilities I have remaining at Jamaica and then rushed back to my car to go over to Cardozo.  There was no need to hurry.

After reading exams until around 10:00 am, the following message appeared on the computer screen when I clicked for a new answer to mark: "All documents have been scored for this RIB."  I went to every other question and the same message appeared.  That line was on the computer for the rest of the day.  All of the other scorers had the same message on their computers.

Therefore, we had virtually nothing to grade after 10:00 am.  We spent hours further getting to know colleagues from other schools, talking about how the scoring system is such a mess and waiting to be released.  Then, toward the end of the day one of the administrators asked us if anyone wanted to stay for overtime (per session). I guess we didn't sit around with nothing much to do long enough. Maybe there are a few more papers that have been lost and now are found.

After ten days, perhaps the grading will be done by tonight.  We were supposed to be finished last Thursday but instead there was marking Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (including in the evening) and Tuesday.

Interesting that instead of having Regents scores at school for the students and parents to look at, there was a message to call 311 to tell the city what they think of the new Regents scoring system.

I believe it is emblematic of much that is wrong with the school system.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the giant mess ups this year with the grading. I wonder if somewhere in a computer lab somewhere people are trying to search for every point. You think McGraw Hill is scrubbing?

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is definitely paying someone off to make sure that enough kids pass- he can't have the late grading scandal followed immediately by a nobody passed scandal -bloomberg and walcott should scrub the scores and then scrub my floors and the floors of all of the teachers who had to work for 2 weeks on grading that should have been done in days

Anonymous said...

Hope people are going to swamp 311 with comments about what they think of this nifty new Regents grading system. They asked for feed-back, and boy, should they get it!