Friday, June 26, 2015


The graduation for Middle College High School at Laguardia Community College was a very moving ceremony that I attended yesterday.

The best parts for me were to be able to congratulate graduates who I came to know well in the short eight months I spent at the school as an Absent Teacher Reserve and then Leave Replacement Teacher and also watching as the school gave awards to the safety agents for the work they do to keep the school safe. In twenty nine years of teaching, I can't recall ever having witnessed safety agents being honored by a school until yesterday.

Middle College HS at Laguardia CC Teachers, Guidance & Administration

I hope I am back at MCHS next year.

Have a great summer everyone.


Anonymous said...

What a disgrace to NYC and our union that a fine teacher such as yourself with so many years of service has to "Hope".

James Eterno said...

I am not the only veteran who has had my seniority rights taken away by the UFT and DOE. I do appreciate your sentiments.