Thursday, July 16, 2015


ST Caucus is the statewide opposition group to Michael Mulgrew and Randi Weingarten's ruling Unity Caucus.  I am a member of ST which stands for Stronger Together.  Here is their letter in its entirety opposing the way the AFT backed Hillary Clinton for President. 

Dear ST Caucus Members,

ST Caucus Leadership stands in opposition to the process and timing of the AFT endorsement of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic Primary.  ST Caucus Leadership believes that the AFT Executive Board's survey of the membership was premature and not representative of the rank and file. Any survey this early in the process does not allow for members to  have sufficient knowledge of all the potential candidates and their positions and it precludes the fact that more candidates may enter the race.  

With 16 months to go before the election, ST Caucus Leadership believes that it is too early to endorse anyone.  AFT Leadership threw away its ability to advocate for the rank and file at a time when candidates should be sparring with each other to earn our endorsement.   Now more than ever, public education, teachers, children, and parents need a candidate who will champion their rights and include educators in all decision-making processes.  

The ST Caucus will be surveying its members to determine their degree of satisfaction with the process and the timing of the AFT endorsement. The survey results will be shared on the ST Caucus website, Facebook page, and Twitter, in addition the results will be emailed to all members of the STCaucus.

Chair: Beth Dimino—President Port Jefferson Station Teachers' Association
Treasurer: Beth Chetney—President Baldwinsville Teachers’ Association
Secretary: Laura Spencer—President Smithtown Teachers’ Association
Membership Chair: Michele Bushey—PAC, Saranac Teachers’ Association 

Vice-Chairs representing NYS by region 
1)   Central NY/Southern Tier: Angelee Hargreaves—President Port Byron Teachers’ Association
2)   Capital District: Megan DeLaRosa—President Shenendehowa Teachers’ Association
3)   North Country: Nate Hathaway—President Malone Federation of Teachers
4)   Tarrytown/Mid-Hudson: Mike Lillis—President Lakeland Federation of Teachers
5)   Nassau/Suffolk: Kevin Coyne—President Brentwood Teachers’ Association
6)   NYC:  Mike Schirtzer—UFT Delegate; MORE CAUCUS
7)   Western NY (Buffalo):  Joe Karb—President Springville Faculty Association
8)   Western NY (Rochester): Orlando Benzan—President Brockport Teachers’ Association

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