Thursday, July 30, 2015


Key and Peele at Comedy Central report for Teaching Center.  Unlike UFT Teacher Center, Key and Peele's version is like ESPN's Sports Center. We see this year's college draft for teachers.  The school with the worst test scores picks first.

This is a hilarious take on what television would be like if our society went gaga over teachers the way we do about sports. The SAT scores rolling at the bottom are priceless as is the analysis of the teacher calling on the student who didn't raise his hand. It would be great if our salaries were about a tenth of what these teachers were signing for.

TimeSlate and even Bleacher Report have picked up on Teaching Center so why not ICE.

And for those with a bit of a memory, enjoy these substitute teacher classics from Key and Peele's character Mr. Garvey.

If the second clip isn't the Absent Teacher Reserve life, I don't know what is.  I am not talking about the language, just the absurdity of being new in a strange school and knowing nothing about the school's culture. When I had my first assignment as an ATR, I was directed toward these videos by one of the teachers at Aviation HS.

I apologize to anyone who is offended.  We'll get back to the usual stuff next post.


Anonymous said...

its a shame comedians get it more then real life politicians.

Anonymous said...

Not a surprise.Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Well this will just remain a fantasy as long as we remain marginalized by both the DOE and the UFT.

Anonymous said...

I also posted this. It was great. Love the BMW ad at the end with the teacher in the driver's seat.

Anon 11AM is correct that the comedians are getting it over the politicians. Those like Louie CK, John Oliver, Jon Stewart and others. With the one exception of Letterman who bought on 10 TFAs to do the Top Ten during teacher appreciation week.

James, I hope you post more of these.

Anonymous said...

Comedians are getting it more than union leaders too.

Anonymous said...

With the last pick in the draft, teachers pick Michael Mulgrew to represent them. Pick is criticized heavily on teacher center.