Monday, November 30, 2015


Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has been found guilty on all seven counts of using his influence to get rich himself. Not too many people are going to shed many tears for Silver but there are questions for all of us in the state about what lies ahead in Albany.

I wish I knew what this conviction means for the future of public school teachers-students-parents, unions and other government employees as Albany will be more than likely thrown into further disarray from this one.

Will this be the lone conviction or will former Senate leader Dean Skelos be next?

Is it possible Governor Cuomo could be charged for corruption soon too?

Who knows but we can have dream big that what goes around truly does come around and that all of them will eventually get what they deserve.

Updated with Tweet from Reality Based Educator:

  1. Silver convicted, Skelos soon to be convicted, the feds looking into Cuomo's donors. Hmm...


Harris L. said...

Kind of like asking "...but is it good for the Jews?"

More seriously, for better or worse I worked in Albany at a reasonably high level between 2002 and 2007. I can tell you that most of the "power brokers" are too busy patting each other down for wires even to think about what comes next. And if the Skelos numb-skulls go down, fuhgeddabaoutit.

In some closet, with three doors shut and the lights off, they'll say to each other "The bastard had it coming..." and then rub their rosary beads or mezzuzahs or their Pentecostal crucifixes and pray hard that Preet doesn't know what they did or said last year, or last week.

James Eterno said...

Let's hope this is the beginning of the end of this very bleak era in government.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Cuomos father, the late, great Mario Cuomo, is heart sick.