Sunday, December 06, 2015


New York State Allies for Public Education issued a press release announcing the results of their easy to use survey that had thousands more responses than either of the two official surveys from the State Education Department and the Governor.  There is no surprise in the results as the majority of the survey's findings are supported by clear majorities in public polling which show how the people are not happy with New York's education policy.

Specifically, NYSAPE reports that 70% oppose Common Core and a whopping 91% think Common Core tests are flawed.

We learn this from the press release also:

Those who took the NYSAPE survey are nearly unanimous, at 96 percent, that test scores should not be linked to principal or teacher evaluations.  86.5 percent say that the state should abandon the Common Core standards and return to New York’s former standards until educators can create better ones. 

Who can argue with reasonable people reaching obvious conclusions?  Only our not too wonderful elected leaders and their well funded backers who want to destroy public education. Oh yeah and maybe the leader of the UFT who wants to punch you in the face if you take away his Common Core.

For the full results, click here.

For a Refusal Letter to opt a child out of 2015-16 state exams, click here.


Harris L. said...

God bless NYSAPE but this survey is only as good as the online sort of polls we all take now and then at the bottom of some newspaper column.

The NYSED survey won't come up with anything was designed to drive normal human beings off the site as soon as they clicked on the first page.

But almost all the folks who took the NYSAPE survey, accessible though it was, already came to it with their minds made up about CC and how it is used here in New York.

I'm not defending any aspect of the CC or how dismally and abysmally it's been implemented here in NYS. I'm just saying that the NYSAPE survey results won't surprise anyone who filled it out to begin with.

James Eterno said...

No they won't surprise anyone but polls show the public at large is more with NYSAPE than with Cuomo. That's positive news.